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Finding good coffee spots in any city is an essential. Ask other Chowhounds where they love to get their caffeine fix, and share your favorite coffee recipes, tools, and brands.

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How does one make a decent cup of coffee in Paris?

by hychka 3 months ago

We will be in Paris for a month with friends in an apartment in the 2nd. Morning coffee is an issue. Which system sho...

hychka commented 15 days ago

Am I the only adult in America who doesn't like coffee?

by KaimukiMan 4 years ago

Growing up in the San Francisco area I remember crossing the bay bridge on foggy mornings with the smell of the Coffe...

bagelman01 commented 27 days ago

Best coffee and great eats in Kansas City MO

by cocoly 30 days ago

First visit to Kansas City this weekend. Looking for best dining options. Love BBQ. One of travelers is vegetarian...


starshollow commented 27 days ago

WaPo Review: Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino

by Melanie Wong 1 month ago

" . . . When a news release identifies a drink’s component parts by its colors, rather than its flavors — well, that’...

Melanie Wong commented 1 month ago

Aoyoshi Seisakusho Casual Products 1 Liter Kettle

by zippy2u 2 months ago

This was recently suggested as an ideal accompaniment for heating water and pouring it for drip coffee makers like Me...


MikeG commented 2 months ago

What's the best supermarket coffee for home brewing?

by Mirabelle 4 years ago

I've been using the "8 o'clock" brand of coffee because it's low in acid and not expensive, but I'm getting tired of ...


masha commented 2 months ago

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Need a Coffee Cart + Barista for Corp Event in DC

by HMBSC 2 months ago

Looking to rent a Coffee Cart + Barista for a corp event at the Reagan Building on May 2 in DC. If no cart, a creativ...

Village Coffee, Ossining

by vinouspleasure 7 months ago

I and my family were so sad to see cidade, the portugese bakery and coffee shop, close for good but after seeing so m...

i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream commented 2 months ago

Green Coffee Beans?

by stephenlinn 9 years ago

Does anyone know where to buy green coffee beans (for home roasring) in or around Boston?


bhyde commented 2 months ago

Best Coffee for a Percolator?

by NoFixedAddress 8 years ago

I just purchased a lovely stainless steel Cusinart Coffee Percolator as a gift to MOI:) My question: in your opi...


flynnerd commented 2 months ago

Best inexpensive coffee?

by sophia519 10 years ago

I can't always afford to buy my favorite coffee (locally roasted), so I occasionally have to buy some store brand cof...


keester commented 2 months ago

What is the real cream used in coffee?

by villageidiot 6 years ago

A very long time ago, I remember people using "real cream" in their coffee. Several years ago after staying at a 5 s...

Scoffier commented 3 months ago

Broadsheet Coffee Roasters

by zigzag17 3 months ago

Opening in the 'near future' on Kirkland St in Cambridge next to Savenor's. Any one know anything about them?


stiv99 commented 3 months ago

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Cat & Cloud Coffee | Pleasure Point - Santa Cruz

by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Five years ago, Mom and I spent two weeks holed up in a vacation rental in Pleasure Point while her home was being re...

Keurig Coffee = Stomach upset ??

by Buddernut 8 years ago

Just wondering if anyone else experiences this? I bought the Breville Keurig Coffee thing and shelved my Capresso ...


Merc commented 4 months ago

Has anyone tried Beaumont Coffee at Aldi's?

by paulispumonti 8 years ago

Another potential recession hedge manuever......Should I spend $4.99 for 34.5 ounces of this or pay the xtra $2-3 for...


DayCayce commented 4 months ago

Chocolate Coffee Dessert Recipes?

by ad7yn 5 months ago

Merry Christmas, CH! I was gifted a box of Merci chocolates and fell in love with the coffee cream flavor. Please...


Tara57 commented 5 months ago

Coconut oil in coffee. Not quite "bulletproof" but delicious low-carb "breakfast"

by shanagain 2 years ago

I'm terrible about eating breakfast and stumbled across the whole Bulletproof coffee thing not long ago. While butter...


dunbare commented 6 months ago

Nespresso Capsules

by heybaldy 7 months ago

If i want capsules for a Nespresso macchina, , I know I will be able to get them at the new Nespresso store at Fair...


stak commented 6 months ago

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Best K-Cup Coffee and storage?

by zackly 7 months ago

My search here resulted in no recent comparisons of K-Cup coffee brands. I just bought a small Hamilton Beach machine...