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Purple Dragon food Co-op

by Quine 11 years ago

Hi! Anyone with experiences or who is a member of this Co-op? http://purpledragon.com/ Thanks!

Farm Co-op in Collegeville Area

by jaynine21 11 years ago

Does anyone know of any farm co-ops in the Collegeville/Phoenixville/King of Prussia areas? Thanks!

Alchemy Co-op in Melrose

Chris VR
by Chris VR 11 years ago

Information is pretty sparse on the plans for this new Natural foods Co-op planning to open in Melrose at the former location of Melrose Drug. I received an email with the following info: June 8 ...

Chino's vs People's co-op

by mayuchico 11 years ago

I have never been to People's co-op. I want to know the price difference between Chino's and People's co-op. Is it worth to be a memeber there?

Any Park Slope Food Co-op alums out there?

by newhavener07 12 years ago

You'll love this article: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/25/nyregion/25coop.html?_r=1&hp Boy, do I miss the co-op! (But not the draconian rules and annoying brats in the checkout line!)

To Park Slope Food Co-op or not?

by vvv03 14 years ago

Okay, so I've lived in Park Slope for nearly four years and I can't count the number of times I've been tempted to join the food co-op. So far I've resisted for the top two reasons people resist b...

Co-ops In RDU

by powershour 13 years ago

Any suggestions? Recommendations? I am looking for some new places to check out.

Co-op Grape Escape Mar 20-21

by Scary Bill 12 years ago

Anyone been to one? There are few details on the website Are there really "Premiun wine producers"? What does $40 get you? Thanks for any guidance.

Need work duty advice for Park Slope Food Co-op

by vvv03 12 years ago

About a year ago I finally bit the bullet and joined the Park Slope Food Co-op. I only lasted a month, mainly because I was working fulltime and the only times I could shop it was ridiculously pack...

MSP Co-Ops take over the world: shock and awe at the new Seward Co-Op

by soupkitten 12 years ago

wow. the co-op scene in msp has a new belle of the ball. i have a huge crush on the new seward co-op dh and i were blown away by the the spacious aisles, produce (local hydroponic red leaf lett...

North Bay Co-op's

by MIss G 12 years ago

Any recommendations? Work's slow and my grocery dollar is tight, like most people. I don't mind getting stuff, like eggs, flour, rice, or veggies in bulk. Any ideas are appreciated?

MSP Heads-up: Wedge Co-op on the Food Media & News board

by KTFoley 12 years ago

There's a new topic on the Food Media & News board regarding Saveur magazines annual "100 Things" list. I'm putting a heads-up here because of the local impetus for the topic: Twin Citians ma...

South FL Organic co-ops

by richw 13 years ago

I'm aware that there are a few organic produce co-ops in South Florida that cover Dade/Broward/Palm Beach counties. I'm interested in giving one a try. If you have had any experience with them, goo...

Providence - New Co-op

by cajuntoast 13 years ago

I wanted to spread the word about the new co-op that's on the works on Westminster Street. They're selling founding shares, I just bought one, you should too if you've been pining for a shopping op...

Organic/Co-Op Markets in Chicago

by BirdNoir 13 years ago

Hello, I am relocating to Chicago from Seattle in the next few months. Currently, my boyfriend and I are members of a co-op market in our neighborhood: http://www.madisonmarket.com/ We are...

Online farm co-ops

by rjun 13 years ago

I'm looking for convenient (i.e., delivered to me), fresh, locally grown produce. I've heard there are some WDC-area online co-ops people can join to have locally grown produce delivered to their ...

Tips on joining co-ops

by Clams 13 years ago

Catching another post regarding the horrific quality of garlic and shallots as of late reinforced my desire to support local farmers and produce. I have been looking into co-ops. Am I on the right...

PS Co-op produce.

by MrsT 13 years ago

I am sick and tired of the awful produce in PS and can't get to the farmer's market all the time. Is the produce at the Co-op comparable/better than the farmer's market? I'm sure it can't be worse ...

Hyde Park Co-op to close?

by rubinow 13 years ago

There is an article in the Tribune today about the possible closure of the Hyde Park Co-op. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/chi-co-opnov16,1,26462.story