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Los Angeles Area BBQ Chowdown and Taste Test '01 is next week!

by Thi N. 20 years ago

One more call for comers: For those who missed the earlier thread, this is an event organized by people on this board, in an attempt to figure out what the best BBQ in Los Angeles is. This is not...

Chowdown Update -- Menu Comments?

by Seth Zurer 20 years ago

The Place: Lao Sze Chuan 2172 S Archer Av 312-326-5040 The Date: Sunday, Sept 2, 2001 The Time: 7:00 The Guests: The current count is 17, as delineated in VI's post below. (We are all right...

BBQ Chowdown

by Schudog 20 years ago

Since nobody really seemed to take the lead I'll take a shot. How about this: Bring a slab of baby backs or beef brisket from your favorite BBQ place for the whole gang to try. How about meeti...

Chowdown: the Plan as of right now.

by Seth Zurer 20 years ago

It seems from the dying down of traffic in the planning thread that we have reached a pivotal moment in the genesis of the First Ever Chicago Chowhound Chowdown. At this moment, I think we should ...

My wife made a good point about proposed chowdown...

by Vital Information 20 years ago

She noted that if we agree ahead of time to a pre-determined meal, and then less people show, the people that do show will be left to pay the difference. Obviusly, moral suasion (like the fed) can...

Chicago Chowhound Chowdown

by Seth Zurer 20 years ago

Anyone game for a Chowhound get-together? Korean barbecue? A rendezvous at Lems? Dim sum? Ramen at Katsu? Just gauging reactions...we can get into more details later if it seems like people wa...

Cambodian Chowhound dinner FUN!

by Celery 20 years ago

Our latest Chowhound dinner at the Cambodian restaurant in Oakland was a lot of fun last nite! It was great to meet you all. Thanks for the wines and Caitlin, thanks for the danish (that was my h...

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