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11 Reasons To Always Have Chocolate Chips in Your Pantry

Canned goods, condiments, and eggs are just a few pantry essentials we hear about most often. And while making a last-minute black bean omelette with yellow mustard sounds delicious interesting, we...

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German Chocolate Cake?

by jill 17 years ago

Hi, I need expert help. And you are all experts...I feel! My friend has requested a German Chocolate Cake for her birthday , and I have looked in a few of the most common cookbooks..Joy etc, an...

chocolate chicken from mexico

by grouchy chef 17 years ago

one day i was watching a cooking show on PBS (i forget the name of it). it was produced by an anthropologist who traveled in mexico and talked about food and culture. in this show he mentioned a m...

chocolate matzoh

by koshersouth 17 years ago

Does anyone have a good recipe for hummus in large quantities? I'm doing a kiddush lunch for about 250 people. Also, anyone have a recipe for chocolate matzoh? (That's just for the family, not 250 ...

Chocolate Pudding Question

by Julie H. 17 years ago

When I make chocolate pudding on the stove, I have been getting inconsistent results. Usually, the pudding thickens, then comes to a boil, and sets perfectly. Occasionally, however, it thickens, ...

What's the best chocolate?

by Howard-2 17 years ago

For those of you who've eaten chocolate from different countries, what do you think is the best country for making or exporting chocolate? Dutch chocolate is very good, so is Swiss chocolate. I...

Chocolate Fries? (Heinz to market "Funky Fries")

by christina z 17 years ago

I'm not sure I can get this link to work. It's about new fries (chips?) from Heinz in some unusual flavors.

ISO Lactose free chocolates

by Richie 17 years ago

Does anyone know if these are made and if so where can I purchase some? Thanks,Richie

seeking Horn & Hardart chocolate nougat cake recipe

by foodie veritas 18 years ago

When I was young my grandmother used to bring home a cake from Horn and Hardart that was called chocolate nougat cake (or something like that...)It was a chocolate cake with a light glaze type icin...

What happened to Droste Chocolate Liqueur?

by sunni mace 18 years ago

I LOVE chocolate, and Droste Chocolate Liqueur was the very best chocolate liqueur, no other chocolate liqueur even comes close. But in the mid-80's our liqueur store told us it was no longer bein...

Angelina's hot chocolate

by Hilary 18 years ago

Last year I fell in love with this hot chocolate and was lucky enough to discover that I could order the stuff directly from Paris for less than 1/2 of the price that I could get it from Chocolat i...

Best source for chocolate cakes by mail

by Charles Passy 18 years ago

Or cakes in general... Any thoughts? I'm looking for something really decadent.

Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

by Swingline 18 years ago

I am looking for a store in NYC that sells chocolate covered coffee beans. I was hoping to find a store rather than an on-line resource. Any ideas?

tempering chocolate

by Wendy Lai 18 years ago

This Christmas holiday I'm attempting to make fancy chocolates as home made gifts to friends and family. I know chocolate needs to be tempered to get that sheen and stay solid at room temp. But I...

Chocolate of the Month

by Julie H. 18 years ago

Does anyone know of a high quality chocolate of the month club to send as a gift? Thanks.

Speaking of chocolate

by Ruth Lafler 18 years ago

A while back someone posted a link to Domori -- an Italian company making varietal chocolate. I was thinking of ordering some for Christmas (for the novelty if nothing else). Has anyone tried t...

Cookies topped with chocolate stars??

by Googlequestion 18 years ago

I need recipes for those cookies topped with chocolate stars, but I don't even know what they're called. Does anyone know about those and have recipes or know Web sites with recipes? I'm hoping t...

Unsweetened chocolate for baking

by Val G 18 years ago

Looking for a good unsweetened chocolate to use with my favorite brownie recipe. My Mom always used Baker's brand. I'm looking to upgrade. This needs to be solid chocolate, not cocoa. Thanks

Cote D'Or Chocolates

by isa 18 years ago

An excellent store for chocolates, nuts, cookies and other foods is ECONOMY CANDY, 108 Rivington Street in Manhattan. They carry Cote d'Or chocolates

I'm dreaming of chocolate cake

by Caitlin Wheeler 18 years ago

I have a dream of chocolate cake -- light fluffy, chocolaty, with that perfect buttercream frosting. I am in possession of Callebaut bittersweet chocolate (purchased for the bargain price of $3.95...

Magnolia - Chocolate Mousse Recipie in Previous Thread

by Emily Cotlier 18 years ago

I posted that chocolate mousse recipe in the previous thread for you--then realized it was buried. Oh dear. It's there!

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