Chili Powder

These One-Bowl, Fudgy Black Bean Brownies Are Shockingly Tasty

Looking for a good, fudgy vegan brownie recipe that's also gluten-free? These flourless black bean brownies are legitimately amazing, and easy to make too. The fact that they're healthy-ish is an added...

Cooking Thai food - three brief questions

by borisabrams 2 years ago

Hey! So a couple of quick questions i was hoping to get answered. Firstly, when it comes to making a curry paste, i dont have a mortar and pestle or a food processor. I do have a blender. O...

How to improve intensity of flavour in chili con carne?

by Ramius 7 years ago

This year I have been making chili con carne a few times, and I just had my family over for dinner. But I wish it would taste even more chili. My version becomes just strong enough but not unpleasa...

What would you do with these three dried chilis?

by TracyPark 3 years ago

I bought Ole Mission Dried Chili Pepper 3 Pack - Ancho, Guajillo & Arbol, assuming that their website would have recipes that would use all three, probably some type of chili (although I also make ...

Confused about cayenne pepper, chili powder and paprika

by hungryann 15 years ago

They seem pretty similar; I guess thay are made from different types of chilies but are their differences so significant? Are they interchangeable in recipes? Will it be a big difference if I subst...

Corn, chilli and zucchini squares

by LakaKuharica 4 years ago

Chili gives these easy to make savory squares special kick, while zucchinis make them extra tender. Servings: 12 Total time: 60 min Prep time: 20 min Cook time: 40 min Ingredi...

What exactly is chile powder?

by Fuffy 5 years ago

Chile powder is often specified in recipes but I am not sure what this means. It matters because of the heat. Fairways store, for instance, sells Chili Powder and Chili Seasoning - both include cum...

ISO a great recipe for homemade chili powder

by CindyJ 5 years ago

There are quite a few Mexican grocery stores in my area that carry a large selection of dried chiles. I'd like to make my own chili powder, but I'm a little overwhelmed by the choice of chilis. I...

Best chili powder?

by Boxman 5 years ago

What is the best chili powder, in your experience? I'm wanting to experiment with chili and I thought it would be beneficial to seek out the best chili powder available. I've had a good exp...

Need suggestions for great tasting Chili Powder

by inclemency 12 years ago

Having spent many years in Texas, Chili Powder is a staple in our kitchen and used quite a bit. Surprisingly, the old 'Equality' brand tasted great, and I could get those larger packages for n...

Chili powder questions.

by magnoliasouth 8 years ago

Hi all! I have a recipe that I'm looking at making and it is very confusing. It's located here: http://goo.gl/rauHw Now the problem I have is all the different chili/chile powders in his ing...

Tajin (powder, not liquid) alternatives?

by Mars10 6 years ago

I spent part of teenage years in Mexico enjoying mangoes and other fruits and vegetables adorned with this vibrantly dark red colored seasoning. It's salty, acidic and savory especially when paired...

Has anyone used Gebhardts Chili Powder?

by Den 14 years ago

I saw this ingredient in the $25k chili recipe post and wondered if anyone has used it.

Making chile powder from dried chiles

by kfordham281 13 years ago

I've got a recipe that calls for cascabel chile powder. I wasn't able to find it, however I was able to get some whole dried cascabel chiles. My question is, how do I make the cascabel chile powd...

How do you like to use chipotle powder?

by fldhkybnva 8 years ago

I have a jar of chipotle powder which I was very excited to buy but now have no ideas how to use it other than chili and taco seasoning. How do you like to use it?

Purchasing Exotic Chile Powders Online

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 12 years ago

I'm a chilihead and enjoy experimenting with chili recipes. One of the most interesting ways to experiment with chili, IMO, is to use different blends of powdered chile. But in contrast to the shee...

Place to buy dried chiles and/or chile powder?

by rxrfrx 18 years ago

I'm supposed to participate in a chili cookoff tomorrow, and I need a place in the Boston/Cambridge/Watertown type area to purchase good-quality chile powder (or, barring that, whole dried chiles)....

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