Chickpea Flour


Could I make socca with a water-chickpea batter (rather than water + c-pea flour)?

by Dorro 1 year ago

The recipes I've read indicate that the batter should rest so the flour can absorb all the water; I'm wondering whether cooked chickpeas (which have absorbed a lot of water) pureed with water to th...

Where to find Burmese tofu in Orange County CA?

by theschles 2 years ago

I have to gluten digestive intolerance and have to avoid soy and sesame due to allergies. I recently stumbled across Burmese tofu while googling; apparently it is made with chickpeas and yellow pea...

Chickpea flour - how long can it be stored? Please help, fast. Am about to try it.

by Clarissa 17 years ago

I purchased some chickpea flour (besan) a long time ago - actually, it was a little over a year ago. It's been a sealed plastic package. I just found a recipe that sounds good in the book "Veget...

Organic Chickpea Flour--where to buy

by femmevox 6 years ago

Bob's Red Mill at Whole Foods distinctly isn't organic. And I don't think the stuff in the Indian groceries is either. Anyone know a source for this in the Boston area?

Besan/Chickpea Flour Used to Make "Tofu"?!

by opinionatedchef 6 years ago

I know I could find out more with some research, and it may be a stretch, but I thought some of you might easily have some info for me. Thx much! In " A Thousand Funks and Flavors", by Franci...

farinata/faina chickpea flour flatbread

by lagatta 6 years ago

This is the version from Liguria (northwestern Italy along the coast, largest city Genova). http://memoriediangelina.com/2013/06/23/farinata-genovese-genovese-chickpea-flatbread/#.Vbp1WkVjdFU ...

Interesting thickening agents

by lucia 18 years ago

I'm the kind of cook who wings it a lot, mostly based on experience, and I'm really interested in understanding the properties of ingredients. You can almost categorize cuisines by the thickening...

One Bag of Chickpea Flour, Five Ways to Use It - From Food52

by eatingjoy 7 years ago

I'm hoping there's a few Chowhounds out there with a similar shopping habit: buying random ingredients for the sole purpose of experimenting. In my case, chickpea flour. It all started with a...

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