Chicken Breast

How to Make the Best Seared Chicken Breast

Boneless chicken breasts are easy to find, low in fat, high in protein, and consistently tender, all factors that contribute to them being the most popular cut of poultry in the country. Yet despite...

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Chicken breast rubbery inside

by Valhallas_Chosen 5 years ago

When I bake chicken breasts, I can't seem to get them to come out how I need to. Their either way too tough, or disgusting and rubbery/slimy on the inside which is even worse. I'm not sure what t...

Alternative to pounding chicken breasts?

by NotSoHot 5 years ago

Making a recipe we haven't made in years of chicken breasts rolled with ham and swiss inside. But breasts have become so fat, I wonder if there's some way to slice them horizontally rather than pou...

Help with learning to use multi function Slow cooker

by Barrbayb64 6 years ago

For the past year, I have been trying different recipes, for use in a slow cooker. I really do enjoy the ease of cooking chicken breast in it. However, I do have a problem. I really don't want ...

Dry Chicken Breast

by Munkipawse 6 years ago

Hi Chowhounders, I spent the weekend roasting a huge tray of chicken breasts in the oven to take all week for lunches and snacking. Well unfortunately I binged on some Netflix program and my chi...

Grilled chicken breasts en masse

by tmx 6 years ago

Hey guys, recently moved to the twin cities and im trying to find some grilled chicken breasts 20 or so pounds of it every month. I meal prep and i don't have time to cook all the time. So, if some...

What happened to bone in chicken breasts?

by Mars10 6 years ago

Where have they gone? I live in the Memphis metro area and have noticed that finding bone in chicken breasts is very rare. I'm not sure if this is just a regional issue and I cannot find a reason f...

Cast Iron Skillet: How can I get nice char on skinless chicken breast cutlets

by SmallSteps3000 6 years ago

Tried cooking wet-brined chicken on medium-high (#6 or #7 on electric stove) in cast iron skillet, 4 minutes per side. From the cold brine in the fridge, pounded thin and then to the pre-heated pan...

Gluten-Free Substitute for Flour and Breadcrumb Coating on Chicken Breasts

by MalibuCA 10 years ago

I am new to gluten-free cooking, and I really appreciate the help here on Chowhound! I have a dynamite "gluten" recipe for Parmesan Crumbed Chicken, which uses traditional flour and breadcrumbs to...

How to avoid dry chicken breast?

by stomsf 11 years ago

OK, so we're trying to eat healthy, and as a bonus I noticed the other day that boneless chicken breasts were actually cheaper than the boneless chicken thighs I usually get. I am usually partial ...

Please help me like chicken breast!

by jen223 6 years ago

I never buy or order chicken breasts. I grew up eating dark meat and prefer the flavor and juiciness of it. However, I'm now a mother and lacking time and patience. And chicken breasts, especia...

Modifying a recipe for stove top instead of slow cooker?

by kitkat12 6 years ago

A recipe says to cover skinless, boneless chicken breasts with tomato sauce in a slow cooker for 5 hours on low / 3 hours on high. I don't own a slow cooker, so I'd like to use a pot on the stov...

"chicken tenders" - what temperature and how long

by fldhkybnva 9 years ago

I am planning to make a salad with chicken strips for a group of 6 this weekend. Ideally, I would grill the chicken, but alas no grill in my current apartment. So, I was going to cut the breasts ...

brine for one chicken breast

by sylvan 10 years ago

hello what would be the approximate amounts of water and salt to brine one half chicken breast? how long should it be in the brine? I usually marinade in teryaki sauce with brown sugar and thoug...

Healthiest choices for chicken breasts and where to find it?

by kimbercin 9 years ago

Okay, Im new here,but found this site while GooGling why the chicken breasts offered in ALL my local supermarkets are so darn big. I thought for a while big was good, cause, well you get more and ...

Are these chicken breasts still safe?

by violet42 10 years ago

Hi all, This might be a dumb question, so apologies. I bought some fresh chicken breasts last week. They are still in my fridge, unopened, and the sell-by date is September 7. I usually use c...

Best thing to do with leftover cooked chicken breast...

by clairetraas 12 years ago

Hello everyone, I recently had a baby and so many of my friends and relatives came by with casseroles, pies, and various foil-wrapped food items for me to keep in the freezer. One such relative...

Sous Vide chicken breast problems

by dmaxdmax 8 years ago

I've had success on and off with sous vide, the biggest win coming from short ribs that are quite honestly to die for! However, I tried boneless skinless chicken breasts tonight and was not happy....

Is it worth brining 2 individual boneless skinless chicken breasts?

by duckdown 12 years ago

Hey all Just picked up 2 nice free-range boneless skinless chicken breasts, and am pretty good at keeping them juicy (just dont overcook them) but there has been alot of discussion about brining l...

How long will chicken breasts keep in fridge?

by andytee 14 years ago

Curious for feedback on this, I tend to cook meat as soon as I buy it, or, if frozen, thaw it and cook it right away, but I have some chicken I need some advice on. We had some boneless skinle...

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