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What Is the Difference Between a Chicago Dog and a Regular Hot Dog?

Prime hot dog season may be over, but there's no law that says they can only be enjoyed in summer. And the classic Chicago dog is hefty enough to be a great tailgating main course. But what exactly...

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take-out and prepared foods

by Andrea 20 years ago

Am coming to town with a baby, so will be needing lots of food on the go for parks and hotel room downtown (I think near Hancock center). Interesting take-out or gourmet markets with prepared food...

hot dogs

by Andy 21 years ago

The threads are getting old. Can someone highlight the best hot dog places in Chicago. I recall going to "Weiner Circle" some years ago, but I haven't been to Chicago in a while.

farmers market and tasteless corn

by joan 20 years ago

I'm making a determined effort to shop at the farmers markets, to hell with the higher cost. our local farmers deserve it for providing us with fresh, and sometimes organic food, even if i cant rea...

Ujala Sweet Shop

by Seth Zurer 20 years ago

For technical reasons I need the exact address of this Indian Sweet Shop on Devon St. Does Anyone here know it? seth

report on el conejo from someone who ate there (not me :(

by lee 20 years ago

Hi, a guy says: "I used to go there a lot because they had the leanest meat in their steak burritos of all the mexican places in my neighborhood. If that was rabbit meat then more restaurants ...

question regarding gazpacho

by bryan 20 years ago

Summer's coming and it's time for cold soup. The question is twofold. Firstly: where to get it other than Cafe Baba Reba. Secondly: Is the "true" Spanish version chunky or blended? Thanking a...

I-57 between Chicago and Champaign

by Adam Stephanides 20 years ago

In about a week, I will be making the three-hour drive from Chicago to Champaign via I-57. Is there anyplace interesting to eat at along the way? --Adam

Blackbird and Le Bouchon

by Tom Armitage 21 years ago

During my recent stay in Chicago, I made a return visit to Blackbird and ate for the first time at Le Bouchon. Although I enjoyed my meals at both places, the two restaurants could not be more diff...


by Gary White 20 years ago

The best bagels and bagel sandwiches in Illinois, maybe in the entire USA are at a place in Naperville, Il. called Original Chicago Bagel Company, at the corner of Naper and Ogden. I used to be one...

Krispy Kreme donuts

by nate647 20 years ago

Is there a krispy kreme in the san fransisco east bay area, specifically the tri-valley

Mysterious Rabbit Tacos

by Jim Leff 20 years ago

Just found this, written on a torn shred of paper, in the bottom of the pocket of a pair of pants I haven't worn in months (of course, this is how some of the best tips come): Corner of Western a...

Frontera Grill gets the back burner

by Michele 20 years ago

We tried Frontera Grill recently and have to report it was rather disappointing. nothing very impressive('cept maybe Rick Bayless casually wandering the dining area)...guess not what i had expected...

Need wings for a Cubs fan!

by Karen 20 years ago

I'm taking my 18 y.o. nephew, who has been a cubs fan since age 4, to his first Cubs game at Wrigley Field. He had been a fan of buffalo wings for just as long. A great burger would also be a hit. ...

anyone been to Nomi?

by cynthia brown 20 years ago

Has anyone been to Nomi, the new restaurant in the Park Hyatt? I'm taking customers there on Thursday and am hoping I am not taking too big a risk with a place I haven't seen reviewed yet.

Korean Kalbi w/ Real Coals

by Paul Tyksins 20 years ago

Any suggestions on stand-out Korean restaurants that bring real coals to the table for the traditional Korean bbq meat fest? I've been to a couple of restaurants here in Chicago but they've merely ...

Pizza near downtown/main Chicago Public Library

by Carol 20 years ago

I will be in town on 7/14/00. I need to find a pizza place near the Chicago Public Library (main location)where a group of 20 - 25 people can eat on a Friday night(around 8pm). If anyone has any su...

fresh fish

by Sarah 21 years ago

Hi, I just moved to Chicago and I am wondering if anyone knows a good fishmonger in this city; a place where one could buy really fresh tuna and swordfish and interesting seafoods. I am also seeki...

1-80 food recomendations between chicago and Des Moines

by nancy rosman 20 years ago

Can anyone share thoughts on good places to stop along i-80 between chicago and Des Moines??

Does the "Sir Loin Inn" still exist?

by kim 20 years ago

Dumb name, great restaurant. Excellent steaks and a very elegant little place, contrary to what the name implies. If it is still there, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

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