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What Is the Difference Between a Chicago Dog and a Regular Hot Dog?

Prime hot dog season may be over, but there's no law that says they can only be enjoyed in summer. And the classic Chicago dog is hefty enough to be a great tailgating main course. But what exactly...

How to best stay safe when dining out?

by gutreactions 5 days ago

Are you dining out again? What safety guidelines do you follow during this time of Covid? What should restaurant venues be doing? It's been difficult all around, but we do want to stay safe and sti...

Grubhub - DoorDash - Seamless Delivery Service Fraud

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

Last night Pim Techamuanvivit discovered that Grubhub, Seamless and Yelp delivery services have fake listings for her San Francisco restaurant, Kin Khao, to accept food orders on their sites. Her r...

Cost of dining out rising rapidly...

by gutreactions 5 months ago

Restaurants of all types have been raising their prices across the board. Just noticed one of our local spots posting their weekend specials. One was: Pat La Frieda Porterhouse for 2, $110. With si...

Chicago fancy dinner

by doublesuited77 28 days ago

Looking for recommendations for an high-end anniversary dinner in Chicago. Open to all recommendations, but trying to stay away from steak, sushi or asian since will we will having that earlier i...

Update on Italian Beef -- Both Traditional and Modern Variants

by masha 1 month ago

From today's NYT, an update on restaurants serving Italian Beef sandwiches -- Asian fusion versions, vegan, halal, and purist versions.

Chicken Wing prices rising: another pandemic shortage?

by gutreactions 9 months ago

Craving chicken wings? The price of wings is rising fast, according to industry sources. Almost double what they were just a few months ago. Restaurants and markets have had to adjust their menu pr...

Pfefferneusse in Chicago

by BillSeliger 2 months ago

Looking for your favorite bakeries that make pfefferneusse in Chicago. I'm tracking Cafe Sel Marie and Dinkel's. Where else should I be looking for pfefferneusse?

Patel's, Wow

by Querencia 3 months ago

Chicago Chowhound: What with pandemic etc I had not been to Devon Avenue in a while. This morning I was blown away by Patel's (Indian supermarket) which has improved its time during pandemic with a...

New York Times' "The Restaurant List 2021" List

by patsully 4 months ago

A new top 50 list, unranked thankfully. "Together they reflect the rich mosaic of American dining — from the melding of Thai curry and Texas brisket in the Pacific Northwest, to heritage crab r...

Chiantis in Chicago

by jsabath 3 months ago

Anyone have a favorite mid-priced chianti that you've found in Chicago? Looking for a gift!

US McDonald’s workers strike to protest workplace harassment

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 3 months ago

" . . . Several hundred workers were expected to participate in Chicago, Houston, Miami, Detroit and other cities, according to Fight for $15 and a Union, a labor group that organized the strikes. ...

A Secret Society Of Chicago Bakers Meets Every Month — And It’s Keeping Beloved Bakeries Alive

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

" ... Keeping costs low at the bakeries means the baked goods cost less, too. And the group is responsible for ensuring historical bakeries stick around for more generations. The bakeries don’t ...

Smoked butt

by twodales2 4 months ago

Is there a smoked butt shortage? I've checked about 5 shops and can't find it anywhere. Considering calling Rose's in Barrington to see if I can pick some up out there. Or maybe Paulina Market? I...

Loop restaurants

by twodales2 4 months ago

Any recommendations for a business dinner restaurant in the Loop or nearby for tomorrow night? (Not the Gage.) So many aren't open on a Tuesday including Millers Pub. Trattoria 10 is gone. Bandera...

Europe's Just Eat Takeaway to buy U.S. delivery firm Grubhub for $7.3 billion

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

"."..Running an operation on the other side of the Atlantic, which Maloney will continue to oversee, means Just Eat boss Jitse Groen will have to maintain Grubhub’s sales force and keep the spigot ...

Road trip: Chicago to the Dells

by twodales2 4 months ago

Any new suggestions for places to stop for meals from Chicago to the Wisconsin Dells? We will be going via Rockford and Madison. Anything from Cheap 'n Cheerful to Fancy pants will do. Thanks

Nabisco Strike Ends After Union Members Approve New Contract

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 4 months ago

Nabisco workers went back to work on September 19 ending a 40-day strike. Rallying slogans were #NoContractNoCookies and #NoContractNoSnacks. Guess one can return to buying Oreos, Ritz crackers and...

El Milagro Corn Tortilla Shortage - Redux

by masha 5 months ago

As some of you may remember, early in the pandemic it was virtually impossible to find El Milagro brand corn tortillas in the Chicago area stores -- a combination of pandemic-related panic buying a...

Pork chop sandwich

by Ramon 17 years ago

Hey, I'm a life time north sider so my experience here is near null. What is a classic south side pork chop sandwich and where can I get the best? I'm obsessed, even saying it over and over in ...