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What Are Paczki and Why Are They so Popular on Fat Tuesday?

Mardi Gras, literally translated from French to “Fat Tuesday,” is fast approaching, which means it’s almost Paczki Day! What’s that? You don’t know what that means? Well, looks like we need to talk...


by Querencia 3 days ago

Rhubarb: loaded with nutrients, delicious, easy to grow, and ... rare? My Chicago supermarket doesn't know what it is. This morning I saw a tiny amount of it at the farmers' market and it was $6 fo...

Does anyone know what happened to Farmer Brown's?

by Akiko 17 years ago

The thread below about Buffalo Wings made me think about how one of the best wings to be had was sold at this little take out shack close to Cabrini Green (I have to admit that the little asian gir...

Pre-Ballet restaurant recommendations needed

by twodales2 23 days ago

I'm looking for suggestions for lunch spots before the 2 PM performance of the Joffrey at the Auditorium Theater. Anyone?

Creamy Garlic Dressing Recipe? (Chicago style)

by tiffeecanoe 7 years ago

I miss the amazing creamy garlic salad dressings popular, or well, once popular, in Chicago restaurants, especially Italian. My all time favorite will always be from Tony & Lil's that used to be i...

Low decibel restaurant for birthday celebration

by lisanell 9 days ago

A friend and I are coming to Chicago in early July to celebrate a milestone birthday. Looking for a quiet but excellent restaurant with good wine list. Any suggestions?

Nantucket Cove

by Wren73 14 years ago

I received a recommendation to eat at the Nantucket Cove in Chicago. But in all my searches I cannot find it. Does anyone Know about this restaraunt?

GOYA Frozen Fruit Nectar Concentrates

by Querencia 1 month ago

CHICAGO: For years, GOYA has been saying that they distribute these concentrates only through Tony's Finer Foods (I mean the juice concentrates---guava, tamarind, soursop, and passionfruit--- in ca...

Like GIANT/MiTocaya? Want them to be your personal chefs?

by pierce 17 days ago

Check out this online auction to benefit Brentano public school. Jason Vincent and Diana Davila both have second graders at the school, and they are offering to join forces to cook dinner for 10 to...

Taylor Street Sheet Pizza

by Rene G 16 years ago

Before pizzerias became common in Chicago, pizza--usually baked in large rectangular pans and sold by the square--was a specialty of Italian bakeries. Most of the old places are long gone but a few...

Monday lunch

by Holyposole 16 days ago

Very last minute question. Am in town for James Beard awards. Was hoping to try either Fat Rice or Mi Tocaya for lunch but both are closed on Mondays ☹️. Now thinking about either Revival Food Hall...

Suggestions for Great Food in North Suburbs?

by 1HotTomato 2 months ago

I'm a Chicago native now living in CA. Going to visit my brother and his kids, who live in Lake Zurich. Two questions: 1) Is there somewhere that's just amazing but not super expensive (no mo...

Parky's Hot Dogs

by Phil 15 years ago

Went to Parky's hot dogs on Harlem Ave. the other day. Big mistake! Is it me or have they changed their brand of hot dogs? They were horrible! They never used your typical Vienna Beef/Best Kosher e...

Ramps/wild leeks/wild onions

by JimSquared 1 month ago

It’s spring. Having lived in Pennsylvania I miss ramps. Where can I find Chicago’s namesake wild allium?

Selling Alinea Reservation for 6/17

by maxvsfood 1 month ago

I have a reservation for 2 at Alinea for Monday June 17th at 9:15pm. Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. The reservation is transferable so I am open to selling it to someone else ...

Chicago Finally Gets "Upscale Israeli"

by ferret 2 months ago

Looks like Galit will finally open this week. It's a legacy of Shaya (which was a legacy of Zahav). Already made my reservation.

The Official Best Pizza in Chicago Thread

by Illuminatus 10 years ago

I want to hear everyone's opinion of what the best pizza in Chicago is. I mostly want to hear from the people that live in Chicago and have tried a lot of places but visitors are welcome to post t...

Was Henrici's a restaurant?

by KAD 17 years ago

I have a lot of old books of Chicago with many pictures. Many pictures shows a place with a big neon sign with the word Henrici's on it. Anyone know where this was located or if it was a restaurant?

Shrimp shack

by mostlymarilyn 14 years ago

As a young person, we use to stop at a shrimp shack at or around 29th and S. Ashland Avenue. Hubby thinks he remembers the name being "Anderson's". Noticed about 8 years ago that it is now gone com...

Norwegian Skrei (Cod)

by twodales2 2 months ago

Does anyone know if this cod is sold in Chicago? It is only available between January - April. Thanks

Elizabeth Resaurant Game of Thrones reduced price tickets 5/9 6:30 with wine pairings

by extra_everything 2 months ago

I have an extra set of tickets to the upcoming Game of Thrones menu - they are for Thursday 5/9 at 6:30 pm. I was rushing to get some because it was selling out so fast but it turns out that the da...