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The Beat Goes On - Jim's Market

by Vital Information 17 years ago

Jim's Market was the closed shop across the street from Freddy's on 16th Street during our chowathon. I finally got to visit it today. Jim Petersen who brought Freddy's to this board, also mentio...

Metro Club R.I.P.

by Carlos D. 16 years ago

I have the doleful responsibility to report that Chicago's only allegedly decent German/Austrian restaurant, the Metro Club (3000 blk. N. Lincoln), is no more as of this summer. According to my so...

Alinea invites Clemson Tigers for a PROPER dinner

by alinapanek 2 months ago

White House invite the winning college football of the College Football Playoff national championship game last Monday, Clemson Tigers for their "favorite food" according to President Donald Trump....

Chocolate Comparison and Survey: Piron (Evanston) vs Chocolate Box (Winnetka) and Other Chocolatiers

by nsxtasy 12 years ago

Both of these chocolate shops were featured in articles in the Chicago Tribune recently, so I decided to do a comparison between the two. As I started writing up my experiences, I realized that ...

Millers Steakhouse On Western

by HARRY REEMS 15 years ago

Anybody remember this place that was on devon and western. They had the best ribs ever. Lets talk about this place. Atrue oldie but goodie.

Chicago steakhouse

by cwmcm54 2 months ago

So many wonderful steakhouses choices in Chicago. I need to find the very best for a small family 65th birthday dinner.


by solon 2 months ago

Has anyone seen kumquats recently? The Mariano's at Western and Roscoe said they had them before, but are now out. Trader Joe's had them in years past, but I haven't seen them there this year. T...


by Marianne 13 years ago

Where did Cavallone's Pizza go? I moved away for a few years, came back and it's gone. It was my favorite. Does anyone know what Rob is up to these days - does he have a new restaurant?

Italian bread search - "ciopa"

by bubby 11 years ago

I'm in search of a type of Italian bread my family once was able to purchase from local bakeris a few decades back on the south side/Roseland neighborhood. Ciopa Description: A type of crusty, ...

Where to get dried New Mexico chilis

by michaeljc70 3 months ago

I made a recipe that called for dried guajillo and New Mexico chilis. I found guajillos no problem. I went to several stores, including stores with a lot of international stuff, and couldn't find...

Frisee Lettuce

by HalChicago 5 months ago

Now that Treasure Island is closed, where can you find Frisee Lettuce in Chicago? Thank you.

Pasteurized eggs?

by twodales2 3 months ago

Where can I buy Davidson's or other pasteurized eggs in the N W suburbs? Or anywhere for that matter? My Jewel use to carry them but no more. No to Mariano's and our local Whole Food Anyone? ...

Chicago Diners "Amuse"

by cajungwailo 3 months ago

What is the origin of Chicago diners that give you a single prune as an "amuse?" Anybody?

Please help me find a special egg roll recipe

by pwkaplan 9 years ago

When I was growing up, my family frequently ate at Wing Yee's on Clark Street. They had a lot of good food, but I remember their egg rolls as being unique--I've never tasted anything like them any...

Chicago Mag Declares "The Party Is Over" for Chicago's Dining Scene

by patsully 3 months ago

Primarily posting for the quiet Chowhound shoutout: "Let me ask politely: Do most people really love jibaritos or gym shoe sandwiches? Is there any truly great Italian beef out there? (A wise chowh...

Group dinner with work colleagues-Chicago

by linus500 4 months ago

I am arranging a dinner for about 8 work colleagues in Chicago, and am looking for the right place - not too loud, but not too hushed, relatively close by cab to our hotel, and have come up with a ...

Tipping on Bottle Service

by NShewmaker 4 months ago

Hey Guys, I had a question about tipping on bottle service at a NYE party. I am generally a very generous tipper, but I’ve never done the VIP table with bottle service thing and wasn’t sure what...

Alinea 2.0 wine pairings?

by cdrane 4 months ago

Hi all, My fiancee and I will be getting married in Chicago next year. We're hoping to celebrate perhaps th day or two after the wedding at Alinea, and we're about to book the reservations. We'...