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Chicagoland Kosher: Does anyone else here know that doughnuts @ the Homewood, IL, Krispy Kreme is certified kosher?

by KA2CSH 3 months ago

I have been to the Krispy Kreme in Homewood, IL. They are located at 17815 Halsted St in Homewood, IL, about 1 mile ...


ah81 commented 6 hours ago

Creamy Garlic Dressing Recipe? (Chicago style)

by tiffeecanoe 5 years ago

I miss the amazing creamy garlic salad dressings popular, or well, once popular, in Chicago restaurants, especially I...


sweetsprmom commented 1 day ago

Help with Monday Dinner

by purple gator 8 days ago

We are visiting Chicago over Labor Day weekend (Saturday through Thursday). Currently have reservations for Next and ...

nsxtasy commented 4 days ago

Chicagoland for four days - help me with this list

by johnmart11 5 days ago

Finally getting back to one of my favorite restaurant cities. It has been over 3 years and it looks like a lot has ch...

nsxtasy commented 4 days ago

Was Henrici's a restaurant?

by KAD 15 years ago

I have a lot of old books of Chicago with many pictures. Many pictures shows a place with a big neon sign with the wo...


Querencia commented 6 days ago

Butch's Beef

by Efrain 12 years ago

I'm not sure where this establishment has been for the last 20 or so years, but it's back- a few blocks from it's ...


plmezzano commented 6 days ago

2 Nights in Chicago

by RIfoodie29 30 days ago

I will be in Chicago for a quick business trip on the nights of 7-31-17 and 8-1-17 (Monday and Tuesday to be more spe...

nsxtasy commented 6 days ago

Gibson's or Gene & Gorgetti's in Rosemont

by lindainwi 9 days ago

Looking for a great, classic Chicago steakhouse in Rosemont this Friday night. Narrowed it down to Gibson's or Gene &...


rhododendron commented 7 days ago

Wholesale Italian Beef in Chicago

by chickky311 6 years ago

OK, I'm hoping somebody can help me out here. A while back my fiance and I went to a party and the people there were...


jzeno50 commented 9 days ago

Help me map out my visit!

by JillSchorr 22 days ago

Heading into Chicago for 4 days on Saturday morning. Staying at the Hyatt Regency. We bought a Chicago "GO" pass wi...


masha commented 21 days ago

Help with specific location in Chicago

by zinfanatic 26 days ago

We are staying near W.Division and North Milwaukee. Since we will be arriving about 5:00 into Midway from SF, we will...

carineLS commented 22 days ago

Obscure international holes-in-the-wall in Chicago

by Displaced Hoser 5 months ago

Hi all, I'm going to be in Chicago for a conference for a few days in July. Will not have access to a car but will...


vula commented 27 days ago

One lunch in Chicago

by kickerconspiracy 2 months ago

Come at me with your best rec. In Chicago til Friday. Purple Pig, Au Cheval and pizza is out. Any cuisine, any...


masha commented 1 month ago

Old seafood place close to Navy Pier?

by Marquee 13 years ago

I used to go to a place pretty close to Navy Pier for fried seafood take-out when my Dad worked in the Amoco building...


jets63 commented 1 month ago

Dinner help!

by nsm08 1 month ago

Hi, My husband and I will be in town in August to celebrate our anniversary. We are eating at purple pig, au chev...


rhododendron commented 1 month ago

New Pastry Hits Chicago

by Querencia 1 month ago

I'm not sure where to post this but I know it as a Chicago thing. Jewel Foods has recently started carrying puff past...


ferret commented 1 month ago

Mild Sauce - Only in Chicago?

by xbeetfarmx 14 years ago

So this is my first post to chowhounds. Hi! One of my favorite things about Chicago, is something called "Mild Sauce"...


rubioblack commented 1 month ago

BBQ Brisket in Chicago

by twodales2 1 month ago

I'd like to get 4 or 5 pounds of brisket to serve to about 16 friends. I love Smoque's sliced brisket but it's now ab...


ferret commented 1 month ago

2 nights in Chicago looking for restaurant recommendations

by pkaizer 2 months ago

My wife and I are make a quick weekend trip to Chicago in early Aug. Staying at the Virgin Hotel on Wabash. Looking f...

nsxtasy commented 1 month ago

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The Aviary Reservations

by justin_g1809 1 month ago

Hi, I have 4 a la carte tickets for this Sunday, July 9th at 7:00 available for transfer. I can no longer attend the...