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How to Cook a Cuban Christmas Feast

Of all the global Christmas food traditions, Cuba's Christmas Eve roast pig might just be the best yet. The centerpiece of a Cuban Nochebuena...

Gourmet Food for Train Trip

by Budstone 21 days ago

looking at the Empire Builder train ride from Chicago to Seattle and would like ideas for really good gourmet food for the trip. Will be taking a collapsable cooler and dry ice. Can you sneak (like...

Sally's Barbecue

by Bob Fagelson 16 years ago

There was a barbecue joint in Chicago. It began on the west side but eventually moved to north Western Ave. The name was Sally's. If anyone has the formula for their barbecue sauce, I would be eter...

Braciole - Cas & Lou's

by h.b. 18 years ago

There once was an Italian place called Cas & Lou's, around Irving Park Road. It had wonderful braciole. I had it some 25 years ago and still remember its taste. Does anyone know if the place sti...

Chinese Restaurants Are Closing

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 27 days ago

" . . . the share of Chinese restaurants in the top 20 metropolitan areas has been consistently falling. Five years ago, an average of 7.3 percent of all restaurants in these areas were Chinese, co...

30th Birthday - Chicago

by jnk89 2 months ago

Hi 'hounds...this is my first post on here, but I have utilized the discussion board to see if there's been any recent questions re: affordable group dinners. I just moved back to Chicago this ...

Cozy Corner Breakfast Boutique-Oak Park

by bighound 2 months ago

After very extensive research and a long train ride to the end of the line we chose Sunday morning breakfast at Cozy Corner Breakfast Boutique in Oak Park., a small but bustling spot in a residenti...

Villa Girgente

by AslK 1 month ago

After seeing article on Villa Girgente, does anyone know the name of the rib restaurant down the block on Paulina?


by jean34 2 months ago

Hello! Does anyone know of a market or a restaurant in the Chicago area selling Lefse?

Chicago Reviews Nov - First in a Series

by bighound 2 months ago

Back from a chicago b-day trip. gonna post meal reviews here. please add to the discussion. Luke's Italian Beef-not as good as expected First time in Chicago and first Italian beef. Lunch was I...

Billy Goat Tavern

by bighound 2 months ago

for our last meal, in Chicago, we made the obligatory visit to the Billy Goat Tavern made famous by an SNL skit-(Cheezborger, Cheezborger, Cheezborger). not the original location that inspired the ...

Wildberry Cafe

by bighound 2 months ago

read some very good reviews for this spot and it was near our hotel so for our last breakfast in Chicago went to Wildberry Cafe. Despite our intention to eat a light meal we got huge portions. my t...

Volare Italian Restaurant

by bighound 2 months ago

our dinner at Volare was very good from start to finish. seated promptly and pleasantly. a nice tasty selection of fresh bread was delivered quickly. chose to start with the bruschetta and it was v...

Hoosier Mama Pie

by bighound 2 months ago

first visit to Hoosier Mama pie shop which was quite good. The crust was layered like phyllo dough. The choices seemed reduced as it was so late. But they had two right up our alley- chocolate che...

Ann Sather for breakfast

by bighound 2 months ago

decided to start my birthday by going to Ann Sather restaurant for breakfast, which was excellent with huge portions and delicious food. wife had the Swedish breakfast which had swedish meatballs, ...

Tsukiji Fish Market

by bighound 2 months ago

celebrated a birthday dinner here. After experiencing busy restaurants, we were quite surprised to find the restaurant empty. Guess that reservation wasn't necessary. They claim to import all seafo...

Devil Dawgs

by bighound 2 months ago

Lunch at Devil Dawgs, a highly rated Chicago dog and sausage institution. Large menu of hot dogs, sausages, sliders and chicken sandwiches. Along with fries, rings and shakes. The meat in casing me...

Giordano's Pizza

by bighound 2 months ago

First dinner in Chicago is at Giordano's for deep dish pizza. To our surprise, there was a line out the door despite being in an office building. They have a clever system where you order your pi...

Chicagoans - What local restaurants would you head to first?

by kayreed 3 months ago

DH and I will be visiting Chicago (staying in downtown) in mid November. We like to find restaurants using the Calvin Trillin method (i.e. asking a local "if you were beamed to Antartica for 6 mont...

Best Steakhouses in America

Perilagu Khan
by Perilagu Khan 4 months ago

I'm working on a literary project of sorts, dealing with the steakhouse in America. Toward that end, I was hoping some of you might nominate the steakhouse you consider the best in the state you kn...