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New York's finest dessert. Chowhounds weigh in on how to bake the perfect creamy cheesecake, including tips on preventing cracking, making a great graham cracker crust, and more. Plus where to find the best store-bought or restaurant version in your area.

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Italian Ricotta Cheesecake in SFO

by mtnjon 14 hours ago

Looking for authentic italian ricotta cheesecaka (ricotte pie) in San Francisco. Suggestions?


mtnjon commented 8 hours ago

Airy/fluffy cheesecake?

by mooncaked 8 years ago

It's the BF's birthday tomorrow and his favorite cake is a simple cheesecake + strawberries. He's a pretty big fan of...


CrystalJune14 commented 11 days ago

What happens if I freeze cheesecake?

by La Dolce Vita 12 years ago

My cookbooks say not to freeze cheesecake because it ruins the texture. How badly does it ruin it? Does it get gritty...


medlar commented 2 months ago

looking for date on Bon appetite cheesecake recipe

by 1cup 9 years ago

I am searching for a specific cheesecake recipe that was on the cover of Bon Appetite in the 80s. If I can find the ...


MalRapp commented 3 months ago

I undercooked my cheesecake, can I re-cook it?

by Rick 11 years ago

I cut into my cheesecake last night and found out it was runny and undercooked. I still have it in the fridge but I...


akirabluetaehyungie commented 3 months ago

Hy's cheesecake

by eileen 14 years ago

There used to be a wonderful shop in NJ (don't recall the town)called Hy's cheesecake. Hy retired and did not sell th...


webigail commented 3 months ago

Help finding a Bon Appetit recipe published 1980-1993

by Knitefairy 3 years ago

I used a Chocolate Cheese Cake recipe that I can not find. I believe it was in a Nov or Dec issue 1980-1993. It h...


depew commented 4 months ago

Looking for a Cheesecake Recipe from old Bon Appetit Magazine

by sheltiepup 8 years ago

Hi, I hope someone can help me. Several years ago Bon Appetit published a recipe for cheesecake with lemon curd swir...


924searanch commented 6 months ago

Frozen Cream Cheese, Can I use it in Cheesecake Recipe?

by jules1267 6 months ago

I am getting my ingredients out to make a cheesecake and I noticed that one of the three blocks of cream cheese is fr...


ricepad commented 6 months ago

Cheesecake recipe(s) from old Bon Appetit

by pmonroe 6 years ago

We recently made a move to Arizona and I lost my favorite cheesecake recipes. They were in an old Bon Appetit issue....


SandyT3 commented 7 months ago

Sheepshead Cafe Iowa City

by Jillfresh 10 years ago

I have just discovered because I did a web search for Sheepshead Cafe Chocolate Almond Cheesecake. I knew it...


scartwright commented 7 months ago

No-bake cheesecake WITHOUT cream or whipped topping

by spazita 9 years ago

Hi there Chow-people! I'm looking for a recipe from back in the 60s my Mom used to make. It was a VERY simple cher...


sensational60 commented 7 months ago

3 Cheers for TJ Triple Creme

by DonShirer 8 months ago

We don't live near a Trader Joe's, so don't usually sample their cheeses. But our son, on a long drive to visit us, ...


small h commented 8 months ago

"Cream" Cheesecake

by SarcasticWit 8 months ago

I have never really had any complaints (outside of my own...LOL) about my cooking, but a comment by my fairly new par...


Ttrockwood commented 8 months ago

Savory cheesecake

by chrisdan 1 year ago

I recently made a crab and corn cheesecake (a recipe from Emeril Lagasse). It was very good but I had a problem with ...


GeauxGhoti commented 8 months ago

Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake - Arcadia

by Melanie Wong 12 months ago

Last month my friends surprised me by procuring a original from Uncle Tetsu Japanese Cheesecake for dessert. While I'...


cristina commented 10 months ago

Getting cheesecakes and tarts off bottom of pan

by malvern girl 10 years ago

Does anyone have a sure-fire way of removing a whole tart or cheesecake off the bottom of the pan without breaking th...


artyjudy1 commented 10 months ago

9" vs 9.5"

by kodakdog 11 months ago

I have a springform pan that measures 9.5", I have a recipe for a cheesecake that calls for a 9" pan. I imagine the ...


medlar commented 11 months ago

Strawberry topping for no-bake cheesebake

by LL3786 11 months ago

I’d like to place a Serious Eats strawberry sauce on top of Wood and Spoon’s no-bake cheesecake recipe, simply becaus...


Ttrockwood commented 11 months ago

Help!!!! How do you freeze and mail cheesecake?

by mosassy 10 years ago

Hi everyone, I'm new to this board and I'm hoping someone can help me with my dilemna. My brother's friend lives ...


colbujl63 commented 12 months ago

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