Sweet Rules for Pairing Wine with Dessert

After a good meal, there is seemingly nothing sweeter than a good dessert. But pairing a sweet treat with a complementary bottle of wine is the epitome of saving the best for last. The combination has...

Caviar Service in SF

by mia4 2 months ago

I miss the days of the caviar cart at the Compass Rose! Any ideas for a bar or lounge in San Francisco for caviar and champagne? I’m looking for a Sunday evening in May. Jardinere will be closed do...

Champagne sabering @ The French Laundry

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 months ago

Hurts to watch the video of this inept, dangerous and wasteful attempt to saber a bottle of Champagne at the French Laundry in Yountville.

Champagne with salt???

by josephnl 4 years ago

We are vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and had dinner at a spectacular, elegant, and expensive restaurant last evening...El Farallon. They have a wonderful champagne bar where they offer a wi...

WHY are there bubbles in champagne, beer etc.?

by Foodie564 1 year ago

Hello, i never really understood why there are bubbles in champagne, i know how they make them, but im wondering why do they choose to do so? Does the bubbles add anything to flavour, releasing aro...

Champagne dinner menu ideas

by GeorgiaMom 1 year ago

My husband & I were gifted a very nice bottle of champagne - Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame Brut 2006. I’d like to plan a special dinner for the two of us to serve with the champagne - thinking a st...

Wine Deal: 2002 R. Renaudin “Espiègle” Brut Champagne, $44.99

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

2002 was an outstanding vintage in Champagne and the wines of this year are long-lived and top quality. R Renaudin is an RM (Recoltant-Manipulant), meaning a grower who grows, produces and bottles...

Wine Deal: NV Launois "Cuvée Reserve" Brut Grand Cru Champagne (1.5L), $74.99

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 1 year ago

Long time since I've posted a "Wine Deal" here and previously most were under $15. But since today is National Champagne Day and New Year's Eve, here's my pick for best value in Champagne. NV L...


by nycAttorney 1 year ago

Celebrating our 15th anniversary next week. Will be headed to Grammercy Tavern for a pre-theater dinner and then a show to follow. I am fairly certain that we will get hungry as the night goes on. ...

Lesser Known Sparkling Wines Available in the US?

by zackly 2 years ago

We drink a fair amount of sparkling wine mostly, Champagne, Prosecco & Spanish Cava. I was wondering what else is available in the US? How about South America? Do Chile or Argentina produce spar...

Leaded Crystal Ice Bucket or plain cut glass?

by Rob575 2 years ago

Does anyone have any idea what type of ice bucket this may be? Leaded Crystal or plain cut glass? Anyone recognize the maker or brand perhaps?

Reims/Epernay Suggestions

by cincodemayo1 2 years ago

Hope I'm not creating an additional Reims/Epernay thread, but the most recent one I could find was from 3 years ago. Looking for both champagne houses and restaurant suggestions, and if you woul...

Champagne value

by rocky1977 2 years ago

I have a 1 pint 10 oz bottle of 1966 Baron Philippe De Rothschild Ruinart Reserve in very good condition and would like to know the value of it.

Inexpensive rosé champagne/sparking wine

by laredo 2 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for an inexpensive rosé champagne/sparking wine for around $12 to $15?

Sunday Birthday Brunch

by m_montoya 2 years ago

Hi All! Looking to get a couple friends together for a birthday brunch. Specifically a place that lends itself to communal seating (not absolutely necessary), good chill vibe, great food with fried...

Bevmo 5 Cent Sale - Sparkling Wine

free sample addict aka Tracy L
by free sample addict aka Tracy L 2 years ago

Is there anything worthwhile purchasing in the sparkling wine dept.? Any country of origin is fine.

Reims/Champagne -- 3 days in February

by fat_al 3 years ago

We are meeting friends in Reims next February and are planning to stay at Les Crayeres. We'll obviously dine there, but given that we will be there in the offest of off-season, any thoughts on oth...

Wine book

by anndillman 3 years ago

Looking for a general beautiful coffee table book as a gift. Any suggestions?

How much food for pre- and post-concert cocktails?

by Isolda 3 years ago

So my husband built a harpsichord and we have invited a professional musician to play it at our home. We're having 30-35 people. The cocktail hour begins at 7, and the concert around 7:45. After th...

What champagne works for cocktails?

by lupaglupa 11 years ago

Last year for a party I did different champagne cocktails and the liquor store owner convinced me to buy a cheaper champagne than I would have since he said the dryness doesn't work in mixing. I di...