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Romanesco Broccoli?

by mewlee 1 month ago

Where can I find the vegetable? I'd love to buy it locally if possible. I am located in Temple City.


judybird commented 1 month ago

Cauliflower and Slaw

by Amandarama 2 months ago

If one were to shred cauliflower for a slaw, would it benefit from salting and draining as one would do cabbage? Tho...

Amandarama commented 2 months ago

Adding something special to roasted cauliflower

by botanica 4 months ago

I'm planning to include roasted broccoli and cauliflower in my Thanksgiving menu this year, and I'm wondering if anyo...


charmedgirl commented 4 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Cauliflower Gnocchi

by outRIAAge 5 months ago

I thought this recipe was from "Pasta By Hand," but turns out I invented it while reading the book and then promptly ...

How long will cauliflower keep in fridge?

by Sarah 4 years ago

It got to be a fixture, like the baking soda box. Seriously, it's been at least a month... how to test ...keep or toss?


small h commented 7 months ago

Rice cauliflower at Trader Joe's.

by Monica 1 year ago

Trader Joe's can't get enough supplies of this amazing product. Anyone know if other places I can get similar produc...

Monica commented 1 year ago

Cauliflower rice, how to store?

by deweydecibel 1 year ago

I eat a low carb diet at home, and make cauliflower rice about once a week. It's not a huge pain to make, but I'd lik...

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

Cauliflower- still good?

by carolinaryan 1 year ago

I've had a cauliflower in the fridge for I'm guessing about 4 weeks, but it could be 3. There are only a very few bro...


masha commented 1 year ago

need some inspired, healthy cauliflower ideas, beyond cauliflower cheese, roasted cauliflower and aloo gobi...

by prima 5 years ago

Bored with my usual approaches. Especially interested in recipes without cheese/cream. Thanks for any suggestions.

Ttrockwood commented 1 year ago

cauliflour dimemna

by NOMOSSMAMA 1 year ago

I froze some chopped, fresh cauliflower (I didn't blanch it first) in my deep freeze. The cauliflower has turned a...

nothingswrong commented 1 year ago

Pappardelle with Cauliflower recipe

by Will Owen 1 year ago

I posted a query about adapting this recipe for a lactose-intolerant guest, as the sauce is largely butter. In the pr...

gourmanda commented 1 year ago

My Chowhound Wedding

by L.Nightshade 2 years ago

I took a break from Chowhound (and most everything else) back in March, to prepare for, and enjoy, our wedding. Some ...

mariacarmen commented 1 year ago

Public School's cauliflower recipe please

by Lynndsey Rigberg 1 year ago

My husband and I went to Public School in Culver City for the first time last week and I cannot stop thinking about t...


Lynndsey Rigberg commented 1 year ago

ISO sweet pickled cauliflower

by kpaxonite 1 year ago

I know Lufa sells it but I no longer get baskets from them.... In grocery stores I only find cauliflower with other v...


wattacetti commented 1 year ago


by jpr54_1 2 years ago

Move over kale Cauliflower seems to be the "new" vegetable in town- I am looking for recipe suggestions- salad, pic...


jbsiegel commented 2 years ago

New veggie side dish recipes, please!

by ferris91 2 years ago

Hi Chowhounds, I love vegetables with just a bit of butter and salt. But my boyfriend...well, not so much. His m...


Sharuf commented 2 years ago

What does sphaghetti squash taste like?

by Elle 13 years ago

I have never had sphaghetti squash, but I am quite curious about how it tastes. I have seen a few shows on the food ...

greygarious commented 2 years ago

Cauliflower cake

by millygirl 2 years ago

This recipes deserves its own post. I was so pleased with how it turned out. Presentation plus! Everyone loved i...


yumfactr commented 2 years ago

Please, need ideas to use up LOTS of broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, kale, cabbage, etc.

by meerastvargo 4 years ago

Hi everyone, We eat tons of veggies (no red meat but poultry and seafood, yes). Right now we just have a whole b...


lilaki commented 3 years ago

Cauliflower Is it bad?

by sgschef 3 years ago

Have a cauliflower which has started to get brown/black spots on the outside. What is this? What causes this? And m...

paulj commented 3 years ago

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