Rabbit food, maybe, but carrots are tasty for humans too: raw, roasted, glazed, and more. Chat with Chowhounds about recipes, your favorite varieties, creative carrot dishes, and more.

Fall Recipes Perfect for Those Sick of Pumpkin-Flavored Everything

Many of us have had it with the pumpkin madness. Enough already with these pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin cheesecakes, ad nauseam! But that doesn't mean we're anti-autumn. Oh, no. We love the warming...

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Grandma's Carrot Pudding [split from S.F.]

by grayelf 12 years ago

Chiming in from Vancouver as a granddaughter of English immigrants and inveterate suet user (at Christmas anyway!). Here we can get suet frozen at Safeway or fresh at certain butchers. It doesn't s...

Glazed carrots?

by bxgirl 7 years ago

(How) Can I reheat glazed carrots. I would like to make them for T'Day, but won't have the time or space to make them day-of. Any thoughts on if they can be re-heated without compromising too muc...

Carrot Tops

by femmevox 7 years ago

The macrobiotic folks make tempura--but anyone know any other good ways to use fresh carrot tops? The wonderfully fresh carrots from the local farmer's market come tops on, and I hate to see the...

Carrot Soup from Cook's Illustrated Restaurant Favorites at Home

by Starr1 7 years ago

Does anybody have the recipe for carrot soup from Cook's Illustrated Restaurant Favorites at Home and can share it?

two pounds of carrots for two people

by bitchincook 7 years ago

I wound up with a two-pound bag of organic carrots, and I'm looking for ideas to use them. I'd rather not cook them, as it's 100+ degrees here these days, and I like them raw better anyhow. Do you ...

new article in jew and the carrot about citron and rose

by koshergourmetmart 7 years ago

http://blogs.forward.com/the-jew-and-the-carrot/177515/michael-solomonov-has-left-the-kosher-building/ the new chef looks interesting. she is Karen Nicolas, the former executive chef at Washing...

carrot green soup

by rcburli 7 years ago

I have a big bunch of carrot greens from a morning carrot pick from a neighbor's garden (using the carrots for something else). I have made radish greens soup before, and it was good. Can I do th...

Saving bolognese w/ too much carrot

by lfirebrand 7 years ago

Hello! I made a bolognese last week that had all the traditional ingredients: wine, tomato, milk, carrot, ground beef. It simmered almost two hours. My husband thinks it has way too much carrot. I ...


by roro808 8 years ago

We always buy carrots from the Farmer's Market and it come with its beautiful green tops. Such a pity to throw it away. Is there any way of cooking carrot tops?

Can I make something edible with canned carrots?

by jmcarthur8 8 years ago

Hubby picked up two cans of carrots in the bargain bin. What can I do with them? I've had canned carrots in ready made soup and don't care much for the mushiness. I could puree them and then what?

Has anyone tried this carrot and ginger soup?

by javaandjazz 8 years ago

http://andreasrecipes.com/carrot-ginger-soup-and-a-giveaway/ There are a few others from the food network I am considering. This one has white wine and was wondering if it's really necessary. B...

Raw Carrots Taste "Soapy"

by DaisyM 8 years ago

Why does this keep happening? I just bought an organic bunch of carrots. They looked fresh and are crisp with the greens still on them. I peeled them and chopped for soup and tried one...soapy! ...

Moroccan carrot salad with cumin & cilantro

by prima 9 years ago

Some online recipes use raw carrots, others use cooked carrots. Which do you prefer in the Moroccan-style carrot salads that you make?

salad or appetizer ideas for a potluck, using beets, carrots, tomatoes or tomatillos?

by prima 8 years ago

I wanted to use some beets, carrots, tomatoes or tomatillos from my garden. Anyone have any appetizer or salad ideas, that might be potluck friendly? Would prefer something that can be served cold...

oops - froze vacuum-sealed raw beets and carrots. can I still use them?

by violet42 8 years ago

hey all, I recently got a sous vide supreme and vacuum sealed some raw beets and carrots for use in the SVS. I was going out of town for a bit, so without thinking I threw both packets in the f...

Carrots getting almost limp

by FoiGras 8 years ago

I will defer to the Chowhound Team as to where to post this question. I have a very large bag of carrots that I've not been able to use for salads, etc. They are just beginning to get a bit l...

Carrot grating technique

by thelazycook 8 years ago

I use a conventional four-sided hand grater for carrots. The grated threads come out shorter than I would like--not even half an inch. Is the problem in how I am using the grater, or am I using th...

What to do with all this carrot puree?

by eepi 8 years ago

I picked up a copy of "French Women Don't Get Fat" and as I happened to have an overabundance of carrots, tried out the recipe for "Quick and Easy Carrot Soup." Even bought a food mill for the pur...

What wine pairs with carrot pate?

by Lelzah 8 years ago

I make a variation of Mark Bittman's walnut pate recipe that combines caramelized onion & garlic, roasted almonds, sauteed carrots, and copious amounts of olive oil, and I generally serve it with c...