Recs for Cardiff, Swansea, Brecon Beacons National Park, other places worth driving to in southern Wales

by prima 5 years ago

I've read the older posts on Wales. Would love to hear about your favourite restaurants, pubs, bakeries, as well as B&Bs or Inns that serve memorable breakfasts. Thanks for any ideas and comments...

Lunch spots & bakeries in Cardiff?

by chocokitty 6 years ago

Hi, I am coming to Cardiff, for the first time, in about 2 weeks from New York City. I'm pretty excited and have been to London last year. I am wondering where is a great place to have lunch ...

Indian in Cardiff

by dosasuperstar 8 years ago

I thought I'd report back on two Indian meals I had in Cardiff this week as there doesn't seem to be much on here about Indian cuisine in Cardiff. The first was lunch at Madhav on Lower Cathedra...

Cardiff: anything good that's open on a Sunday evening?

by curioussheridan 8 years ago

We'll be arriving by train and leaving for Fishguard the next morning. Most places I've looked up are either closed Sundays or only lunch. Can anybody help? Don't need something stellar, jus...

Cardiff and other South Wales recommendations

by JFores 8 years ago

Hello all, So long as a few little hitches go well, I will be South Wales based (4 days a week) for the better part of the next 9 months. Judging by the meal I had today at a Wetherspoons in New...

Suggestions of places to go in Cardiff, Wales!

by lyraloo 10 years ago

Hello! I will be going to Cardiff for a week in January, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions as far as restaurants and such go. I'll be staying in Cardiff city center by the central ra...

Sunday lunch in Cardiff

by adorno 10 years ago

Coming from the US and passing through Cardiff on the way to a conference in Abergavenny. I want to see the town a bit and have a nice, but not too expensive, lunch before catching my train. --...

Long London and Cardiff report

by Joanie 11 years ago

Nice time for my 9th visit to London but too much to do and too little time. Staved off jet lag by immediately walking to Portobello Rd from my friend's place in Hammersmith with a stop at one of ...

Cardiff thoughts?

by Joanie 11 years ago

Taking a side trip to Cardiff when I'm in London next month and don't see much here. Just looking for mid priced pubs and restaurants, Welsh influenced maybe. And if there's some specialty or eth...

Ryder Cup Weekend in Cardiff

by jenniferjones 11 years ago

We will be going to the Ryder Cup 2010 in Newport, Wales and staying in Cardiff, Wales the first weekend in October. We need dinner options for two nights. The only thing that I have read on here i...

3 days in Cardiff

by annief 11 years ago

I will be going to Cardiff for 3 days next week with some friends from school. We're looking for good cheap food. It's pretty simple. We're fairly adventurous eaters, and would love a mix of authen...

Jamie's in Cardiff Wales

by AMC1210 12 years ago

Jamie Oliver opened a new restaurant in the downtown shopping area in Cardiff. My wife and I visiting our daughter, went there twice. Both times we were pleasantly surprised. The Pastas and Lamb ch...

Suggestions for lunch/dinner near Temple Place and also Cardiff/Swansea

by kimeats 12 years ago

I'm in town from 2/21 (arriving late) until 2/24 and then for the night of 2/28 (saturday night). This is my first time in London. I will also be in Wales/Mumbles midweek. I'm looking for a s...

Cardiff and South Wales - great food, not overly fancy wanted

by LulusMom 13 years ago

Hi, We'll be in Cardiff with our 2 and a half year old daughter in late November. We plan to take a day trip or two around south Wales. Our daughter is used to dining out and is very well behave...

Good Restaurants in Cardiff?

by rrems 13 years ago

My partner and I will be traveling in England and Wales in late September, and will be spending 2 days near Cardiff. I am lookiing for good food for one lunch and 2 dinners, on a Monday (many plac...

Cardiff Wales Two Nights

by Brian Mohen 16 years ago

Dear Hounds, My wife and I are going to Cardiff for two nights staying at the St. Davids Hotel. Can anyone recomend some great restaurants for Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch in and around the Bay Area ...

Tides Bar and Grill - Cardiff ? ? ?

by sandra 16 years ago

The restaurant at the St. David's Hotel and Spa... Anyone been recently? I haven't seen or heard anything about it in a while, has it gotten better?

Cardiff (Wales) chow?

by Cushie 17 years ago

I've just moved to Cardiff and I'm interested in all kinds of food. I need a good curry house, Italian, pub with food, etc. Bonus points for inexpensive places with central(ish) locations but I'm ...

Lunch in Cardiff?

by sandra 18 years ago

Will be in Cardiff next Saturday for lunch - any suggestions? I have already noted the one Indian rec on this board... Thank you