How Is Toffee Different from Caramel?

Crackly, crunchy toffee and gooey, chewy caramel are sugary candy delights many of us have enjoyed off-and-on since childhood. But when these wonderful burnt sugar bombs are crumbled, chipped, or sauced...

Recipe for burnt "carmel" pie

by laredo 2 months ago

I want to make this for Thanksgiving. My grandmother used to make it but I can't find her recipe and have never made it so don't know how to judge recipes. Have looked at five so far and they are...

Touble shoot my flan please

by OnceUponABite 15 years ago

The flan part turned out beautifully, custard, rich, set just perfectly. BUT the caramel part was a total failure. Instead of melting and being the nice gooey topping on the flan itself, my carme...

Is my caramel burnt?

by pinshure 2 years ago

So I was trying to melt 2 cups of caramel at once because my recipe called for it and it took me a while to melt all the sugar. I kept taking it off the heat so that it didn't darken until it all m...

Can I thicken caramel sauce?

by tweetie 2 years ago

In a fearful moment, I undercooked and didn't let my sugar get dark enough and to a deep amber. As a result my caramel sauce is tasty, but pale and thinner than I want. Will slowly reducing it t...

Hard Caramel Recipe (like Nips or Werthers)

by lisaleira 2 years ago

I'm hoping to make CBD candies for two ill relatives that wouldn't try it if it's not in a tasty edible. I want to make my own to make sure I use the highest quality. I also want to make something ...

Searching for a 14 layer caramel cake recipe

by canddedmunds 3 years ago

Hi! I had the most amazing 14 layer caramel cake in Pawleys Island South Carolina. I’m I’m hoping to bake one at home. Does anyone have a recipe for this? So good!!! Thanks in advance!!

Caramel trouble

by Alicia 13 years ago

I am trying to make caramel for turtle brownies using the Cook's Illustrated recipe, and my caramel is gritty. Can I rescue it? If I try another batch how can I prevent this from happening again? T...

Best Butter for Caramels

by johnson4sum 3 years ago

What is considered the best brand of butter that should be used in making Caramel chews?

Caramel drizzle

by orlybabe 3 years ago

Hi everyone, hope someone can help. I made my usual salted caramel sauce and used it to drizzle over a cake once, but it was too runny, kept its shape but went to the bottom of the cake. I’m doing ...


by kobewright79 3 years ago

I have given homemade caramel a go and it was surprisingly easy and it is delicious. I managed to keep it from becoming grainy and crystallized. I definitely recommend giving this one a try, it’s s...

Teatime in Narnia: Mr. Tumnus' Burnt Sugar Cake

by rainymuffins 3 years ago

My treat this week was a step into the wardrobe. C.S. Lewis has been a favorite of mine since childhood, and I have always wished I could find myself in the middle of a wintry wood and bump into M...

Mocha Cappuccino Terrine Recipe from Bon Appetit

by bertrice56 3 years ago

I'm looking for an a recipe from an old Bon Appetit magazine. I think it was in Oct, Nov, or Dec of 1997-1999. It was the cooking class recipe. It was three layers of mousse (chocolate, caramel,...

Salted butter caramel in cookies

by MadameC 3 years ago

Hello all ! I came home from holidays in Brittany with a jar of Salted butter Caramel and one that also has chocolate in it. I'm avoided opening them without a reason as I WILL eat the whole jar ...

Replicating Monin Caramel Sauce

by Imar83 3 years ago

Hello everyone, Has anyone ever been able to replicate Monin Caramel sauce? I know that it has added caramel flavours and colors, but has anyone been even close to it without flavouring and colo...

Caramel Chews Fail! Help!

by missyrichard29 3 years ago

I made some caramel chews for the first time last night. I woke up this morning and checked to see how its tasted. It was sticky and didn't set good at all. I followed the recipe and instructions e...

Caramel Toffee smh...

by missyrichard29 3 years ago

Well!! I was trying to make toffee... I was so excited! it was turning out really well.. I noticed that there was some little white blobs in it. At first, I thought that maybe it was butter that ha...

Making Salted Caramel from Regular Caramels

by dawnsona 3 years ago

I’m planning on making salted caramel tartlets. The recipe calls for melting soft salted caramels with cream. I haven’t been able to find salted caramels, but have regular caramels. I’m assuming I ...

Caramel Conundrum

by orlybabe 3 years ago

I’m making a sticky date pudding cake for a birthday tomorrow, and want to cover it with caramel buttercream frosting and drizzle caramel sauce over the side of the cake. I then started looking up ...

Freezing ice cream toppings portions

by TracyPark 3 years ago

I enjoy a wide variety of desserts, freezing many of them and then thawing out portions. I've tried a dozen or so recipes for caramel sauce and fudge sauce that I like to have over vanilla ice crea...

Caramel Sauce to Butter or Not to Butter

by johnson4sum 4 years ago

I make an amazing Caramel Sauce, but I am torn between adding a small amount of butter. When I add butter it seems to not incorporate fully. Meaning there is a slight oiliness on the surface of t...