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Best pan for making caramel

by imanewbie 2 months ago

Last time I tried in my Demeyere (3qt?) it went terrible and got stuck in the corners. Do I need a better sauce pa...


CaliforniaJoseph commented 2 months ago

Making Caramel Successfully...

by Aliceisinthehouse 2 months ago

Please can someone assist.... please. I've made a caramel and pistachio slice (first time I've attempted caramel) b...


Aliceisinthehouse commented 2 months ago

Caramel trouble

by Alicia 9 years ago

I am trying to make caramel for turtle brownies using the Cook's Illustrated recipe, and my caramel is gritty. Can I ...


Aliceisinthehouse commented 2 months ago

Touble shoot my flan please

by OnceUponABite 11 years ago

The flan part turned out beautifully, custard, rich, set just perfectly. BUT the caramel part was a total failure. ...


maganda135 commented 3 months ago

Caramel problems

by LNAWalters 1 year ago

I've made candy before, successfully, including caramels, toffee, marshmallows, and fudge. But it's been a few years....


ShannonKasal commented 3 months ago

Cooling, Cutting & Wrapping Caramels

by arielleeve 7 years ago

I am making salted caramels to wrap and put in little baggies as Christmas gifts. The caramels finished about an hou...

Raymondbishop commented 9 months ago

ISO best salted caramel budino recipe (Not too sweet) like Campagnolo TO

by itryalot 1 year ago

I am looking to make a salted caramel budino for Christmas party (individual portions). I have heard that Campagnolo'...


itryalot commented 12 months ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Salted caramel solidified upon cooling

by arielleeve 1 year ago

Last weekend I made salted caramel sauce to serve with apple latkes (used the smitten kitchen recipe here: https://sm...

Making homemade caramels shelf-stable

by runwestierun 8 years ago

I make a European style soft homeade caramel candy. The only problem is that they aren't shelf stable. After a week...


spicegirlavia commented 1 year ago

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Firebirds salted caramel sauce recipe?

by julienned 1 year ago

Firebirds is a chain steakhouse with locations only in the eastern half of the U.S. (except for Arizona). I just had ...

Croquembouche caramel variations

by trickykid7 1 year ago

Bonjour mes amis! I'm planning on making the notorious tower of pâte a choux known as croquembouche. I've read that i...


Nyleve commented 1 year ago

Wedding Favors

by sandylc 1 year ago

Hi! My son and his fiancee are thinking about putting out little bags of homemade caramels as wedding favors. Does ...


sandylc commented 1 year ago

Can caramel be made with organic sugar?

by NotJuliaChild 7 years ago

Organic sugar being evaporated cane juice. Seems to me I read somewhere that one shouldn't use ECJ because the mol...


60088 commented 1 year ago

What to do with burnt caramel?

by chasiu 7 years ago

I tried making salted caramel this weekend and I burned it! The texture and consistency is fine but it just tastes sl...


bellabambina commented 2 years ago

Help doctoring caramel sauce

by LookingBusy 2 years ago

Hi friends! My mom gave me a jar of the salted caramel she made yesterday. She uses Nigella's recipe but somethin...


LookingBusy commented 2 years ago

What did I do wrong with my caramel attempt?

by lecker 2 years ago

I tried to make a caramel sauce using dates and coconut milk. The recipe called for 4 dates to 400 ml coconut milk. ...

Ttrockwood commented 2 years ago

Salty Caramel Quest Continues

by nooodles 12 years ago

Thanks to all who helped out with my caramel quest a few days ago. It's going well, and I will post results later, bu...


phorner commented 2 years ago

can you use condensed milk in replace of heavy cream?

by cherish 2 years ago

I'm making a caramel sauce, and have no heavy cream could I use sweetened condensed milk in place of it?


sheetz commented 2 years ago

Pistachio ice cream toppings?

by MissMoxie911 2 years ago

I wasn't sure if salted caramel syrup would be good on cheap pistachio ice cream. I love the ice cream by itself, but...


BuildingMyBento commented 2 years ago

Soft Caramel

by michele cindy 2 years ago

I'm baking a caramel apple pie. I'd like to put a drizzle of caramel on top of my crumb crust before I bake it. Perha...

shanagain commented 2 years ago

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