From Indian lunch buffets to Italian bakeries to toddler-friendly fine dining, Chowhounds have recommendations for the best food finds in Cambridge.

The Dishes and Cocktails at Cafe ArtScience Are Smart Enough for Harvard

Located in the academic playground between research institutions like Harvard and MIT, it’s no surprise that Cafe ArtScience uses science to fundamentally shape its culinary philosophy and menu. In...

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"Soul Food" on Mass Ave. in Cambridge

by Norman Foster 18 years ago

Well, food was acceptable. But their Kalbi is the most boniest Kalbi that I have ever had. With disproportionately few meat. The most interesting part is that the female & male bosses visited ou...

Cambridge area delivery

by don Warner saklad 18 years ago

What eateries have delivery around the Cambridge area?...

Atasca Portugese- Cambridge

by Fusilli 18 years ago

Had a very good meal at the original Atasca on Broadway...great fava beans...good soft shell crab....the sardines were so-so- they were not super fresh- a lot fishier than the best fresh sardines i...

Saturday morning breakfast - Cambridge & north

by Brian Jones 18 years ago

My wife and I are headed north from Cambridge toward Maine this coming Saturday morning - where might we find a good place to eat breakfast that's not jammed with weekenders? We'd be willing to d...

Portuguese Restaurants in Cambridge

by galleygirl 18 years ago

Okay chowhounds, I know there are about 6 Portuguese Restaurants around Inman Sq.....Which one is the best? Extra credit for great octopus!!!!

Sandwiches- Cambridge. Cardullo's, hi-rise, etc

by Fusilli 18 years ago

Hi-rise Bakery on Concord: Their sandwiches are sort of not entirely traditional- a wide variety, a few sound unappealing to me. A couple were tasty, a couple fell flat. overall okay....not chea...

Sun's Cafe- Cambridge

by Fusilli 18 years ago

went to sun's cafe, mass ave, in cambridge. This is a Korean restaurant that has almost no Korean food on the menu. They do pad thai, they do sushi, they do other stufff...and a few korean items...

Rialto & Henrietta's- in Charles Hotel Cambridge

by Fusilli 18 years ago

Henrietta's- we were going to go for sunday bruch at 11 AM. The room was nearly empty, the host told is he had no seats left except the bar ("it would be full soon") and it was $42 per person buf...

Formaggio Kitchen in Cambridge

by Fusilli 18 years ago

went four times in 2 weeks. a great resource, a good store. very pricey, even by NY standards. great selection of other appetizers, chocolates. nice produce department, but pricey... great bu...

Kosher meat in Cambridge or Boston

by Doug 19 years ago

I just signed the lease on an apartment in Cambridge, MA, and I'm a little upset that I'm going to have to drive all the way to Brookline to get kosher meat. The Empire Kosher Foods website (www.em...

Bibimbap in Cambridge/Somerville

by paul 19 years ago

ok, so it's not quite the everyday bibimbap that you'll find at most korean restaurants, but it's more akin to the bibimbap my mom would make at home, and much healthier than anywhere else: sun's...

clueless in Boston/Cambridge...

by jo 19 years ago

My husband and I have planned a last minute (leaving tomorrow) romantic get-away to Boston. We love to eat out. I would love some tips on some local favorites. Any word on Chez Henri, Casablanca,...

Vegie Resturant in Somerville or Cambridge

by jeremy 19 years ago

A few years ago I ate a place that was fantastic, but I can't remember the name. It was in Somerville or Cambridge. It was a Vegetarian resturant that had the most amazing, life afirming Seaweed Wr...

Need a good place for a large group in CAMBRIDGE

by Dawn Popp 19 years ago

I am planning a conference in Cambridge in a few weeks, and we are looking for a place to have a group dinner one of the nights of the conference. There seems to be a slight preference among our g...

Cambridge Pizza

by Jake Klisivitch 20 years ago

A friend of mine has very very ood things to say about the pizza at Pinnochio's in Harvard Square. Before I go out of my way to grab a slice, I was wondering if anyone else has anything to say a...

dessert in the east cambridge/kendall square area?

by a. rao 20 years ago

ok, so here's another question on the topic of desserts. i'm trying to find a nice place to go with a fairly large group of people for dessert in the east cambridge/kendall square area. i had or...

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