The epicenter of hipster food, Brooklyn's got more great restaurants than we can count. Get top recommendations from Chowhounds in the area, plus bar ideas, don't-miss lunch spots, and more.

How One Woman Is Bringing Indian Flavors to American Ice Cream

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near the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

by fd 22 years ago

Can anyone suggest a place to have lunch within walking distance of the Brooklyn Botanic? ... even a long walk? I am looking for an alternative to the Terrace Cafe in the Garden and am not fuss...

Any Good Places to Eat in North Brooklyn?

by Jim Leff 22 years ago

Hi, we're continuing a thread from the "What's My Craving" board. Joe D. was asking about places in Northern Brooklyn, and I pressed him to tell us about what he's already tried. Here was his an...

Best bagels in Brooklynb

by deb siner 22 years ago

I know this seems like a very bacic request, but all the bagels I get are either cooked from pre-frozen dough (and taste like it) or are huge, puffy airbags. Where can I get good, real bagels in m...

Any Good Places to Eat in North Brooklyn (besides Northside)?

by Joe D. 22 years ago

I pass by a lot of pint sized restauarants in the North Brooklyn area. Are any of them any good?

Greek provisions in Brooklyn

by Bob Dively 22 years ago

Gack! I just had a salad with some supermarket feta that was more like an industrial sealant than the actual item. Whoever made that garbage and then decided to label it as feta should be flog...

sushi in brooklyn

by tracy 22 years ago

I'm interested in eating sushi in Brooklyn and would be grateful for restaurant suggestions. Thanks for your help.

Brisket in Brooklyn

by Alan Emdin 22 years ago

Is there a connection between David's Bisket of Crown heights and Famous Brisket on Court Street near Atlantic Avenue?

French cuisine in Brooklyn?

by JK 22 years ago

I know this is a long shot . . . but does anyone know of good French dining in Brooklyn? My wife and I like French cuisine, but we don't like Manhattan prices.

Oznot's Dish in Brooklyn

by Karen Page 23 years ago

We had a surprisingly good dinner last night at OZNOT'S DISH [79 Berry Street, at 9th Street; 718-599-6596], a Middle Eastern-inspired restaurant in Williamsburg which we'd never heard of before ou...

Brooklyn Bridge

by Jennifer Stott 22 years ago

I have an out-of-town visitor and am taking her walking across the Brooklyn Bridge this weekend. Can anyone suggest any cafes on the Brooklyn side, not too far from the Bridge?

Indian In Brooklyn?

by Denise Scandiffio 22 years ago

Taking a friend out to eat for her birthday. She would like to have Indian food. I usually go to Manhattan, but would rather stick closer to home. Is there any place that has good Indian food in...

GREAT butcher on 8th Ave./Brooklyn

by Dan Silverman 22 years ago

Great butcher on 8th Ave. and 59th St. (I think)-- Berlick's: a Turkish place with great lamb and great prices. Also poultry beef and veal, although I've only bought lamb here. Also fresh produ...

Milan's in Brooklyn

by Jim Leff 23 years ago

I'd like to state for the record that Eric Asimov's NY Times review last week of wonderful Milan's Restaurant was based on an independent discovery of his, even though it also happens to appear in ...

Brooklyn Fifth Ave.

by Jay G. 23 years ago

I took a walk down Fifth Ave. yesterday, and spied a lot of great looking spots along the Park Slope-Sunset Park axis. There's Mexican, Salvadoran, Ecuadorian, Polish -- anyone have any recommendat...

Polish in Brooklyn

by Jeremy Osner 23 years ago

My friend Nathaniel was telling me last night about a Polish restaurant, one of his faves, on 5th Ave. near 14th St. in (what I guess is still) Park Slope. Has anyone got any experience with thi...

Bagels in Brooklyn the way they used to be

by Susan Weiss 22 years ago

Being a lover of great bagels, I couldn't find a bagel anymore outside of Zabars on the upper west side, that didn't have sugar in it. None of them were tasting anymore like the bagels I grew up ea...

Watching our weight in Brooklyn

by Alan Divack 23 years ago

We are meeting some friends for dinner in the Park Slope area next week, and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I am dying to try Milan's, but Mrs D. just started weight watchers (b...

Karam, Brooklyn

by M Schiffrin 23 years ago

In reply to my question about eateries near Dyker Heights Christmas lights, Jenkalb suggested chowhound favorite Karam, can you tell me more? What kind of food? Thanks

brooklyn food

by Rachelhope 23 years ago

Okay, as long as you asked, I may as well plug the cheeseburger I recently had at Pete's Waterfront Ale House. I should preface my forthcoming adulation with the modifier that I have had many b...

Brooklyn Bewitchment

by Lisa Antinore 23 years ago

Spent a wonderful Valentine's Day devouring Brooklyn's best.... I began my day at 330 Hicks Street just off of Atlantic Avenue at Fatoosh Pitza. It's one of my faves on Atlantic Avenue and as ...

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