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Baking Bread with Minimal Cookware for a Small Living Space

by weldlove 4 days ago

Hi everyone! I live in a very small apartment and I'm not able to have a ton of cookware if I want some organization ...

DuffyH commented 1 day ago

Homemade bread to shortening or not to shortening

by acpowell 5 years ago

This is my first post of this kind so sorry for the rambling that is to follow. I made homemade bread about every ...


anm commented 2 days ago

Date Nut Bread and Cream Cheese

by Michael S 16 years ago

I grew up eating these sandwiches. If I am not mistaken the brand name of the bread was Dromedary. It was a fixture o...


Querencia commented 4 days ago

Thawing a whole frozen ciabatta loaf... best way?

by nasv 6 years ago

Last weekend, I took advantage of the buy-1-get-2-free offer the last hour one of my local bakeries was opened... for...


papasav commented 5 days ago

Potato Water in bread? Common?

by mike2401 7 days ago

I've read that "potato water" is used to keep bread from going stale as quickly. How common is that is commercial...


mike2401 commented 6 days ago

Bread dough question - can I salvage my dough?

by AkL 7 years ago

Hi there. I'm a newbie at making bread, but I love Italian Easter bread (the one with the colored eggs in the shel...


stradingerm commented 10 days ago

Lodge-style sourdough bread in the SF Bay Area?

by Bjartmarr 1 month ago

I recently bought a loaf of bread from Lodge bakery in Los Angeles, and it has changed the definition of what sourdou...


Bjartmarr commented 15 days ago

My Home-baked bread is too dense

by gatorfoodie 9 years ago

I'm just getting into home bread baking. I've been using the basic recipies from Bittman's "How to Cook Everything". ...


dfrostnh commented 21 days ago

Bien Cuit in the Grand Central

by Monica 25 days ago

My favorite bakery is finally open in the Grand Central! yay! The green olive loaf I am having right now is so so ...

howdini commented 21 days ago

ISO Hard/Soft/Red/White Wheat Berries/Grain

by Velomec 30 days ago

Anyone have a suggestion for buying whole grain in the metro area - think wheat berries and Rye and possibly oat groa...

Ttrockwood commented 25 days ago

Is there any use for bread dough that did not rise?

by Georgia Sommers 6 years ago

I suppose there isn't much else to say! I'll pitch it if I should but thought I'd see if there are any ideas out t...

blue room commented 28 days ago

Best Rye Bread in Chicago: An Investigation

by CountFenring 2 months ago

I've been obsessed with rye bread forever - there are certain sandwiches that simply don't work without a crusty rye ...


Querencia commented 1 month ago

Sourdough Bread

by raberbm 1 month ago

I'm ready to make a loaf of sourdough bread and I'm wondering if the enamel covered metal pan with lid will work. It...


Nannybakes commented 1 month ago

Instant yeast vs. Fleishman's Rapid Rise Yeast

by Bob Brooks 10 years ago

As per the posts on Mark Bittman's no knead bread, I'm also making a batch. I've used Fleishman's Rapid Rise Yeast. I...


LauraW5519 commented 1 month ago

A question about yeast for all you bread bakers out there

by ChervilGeorge 1 month ago

My bread making is pretty amateur. I've been making my own, mostly sandwich loaves, buns and pizza dough for a coupl...


MikeG commented 1 month ago

How to rescue a over risen dough that's left in room temperature for over 48 hours?

by Lk8 1 month ago

I was too busy and over 48 hours later, it's a big sticky mess that couldn't be worked on or shaped. Does it mean I ...


Madrid commented 1 month ago

What to do with bread dough that won't rise?

by ChervilGeorge 2 months ago

I was attempting to make a sandwich bread but was out of good yeast and had to use one of those packets. It was expir...


ChervilGeorge commented 2 months ago

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