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How Restaurants Impacted by the Boston Marathon Bombing Have Fared 5 Years Later

It’s been 122 years since the first Boston Marathon was run in Boston. And it’s been five years since the Boston Marathon bombings. This year’s marathon takes places on Apr. 16 (Patriot’s Day), and...

El Rincon de Moody's (Waltham, MA)

by BostonBestEats 12 months ago

Chef Joshua Smith continues his expanding empire on Moody Street in Waltham with EL RINCON DE MOODY'S, a taco bar and barbeque restaurant. I went to their popup today for the taco bar, which is ...

Boston Food Porn 2019

by BostonBestEats 3 months ago

Post a pic of something delicious you ate in the Boston/MA area... In honor the 4th year of these threads, here's the most ridiculous thing I've eaten in a long time: FANCY TACO: Iberico de F...

North End for true Italian pastries?

by chefdaddyo 5 months ago

Very disappointing. Tried Mike's cannoli and sfogliatelle. Fair. Bova's last weekend was also fair. I asked for baba au rhum. Had no idea what I was talking about. Rum cake? Okay, I'll take ...

Balani (Waltham, MA)

by BostonBestEats 3 months ago

Dave Becker, who owns the fantastic Sweet Basil in Needham (Boston's most famous BYOB) and Juniper in Wellesley, has struck again with an sexy New American spot on Waltham's restaurant row of Moody...

El Centro: Awful. Boston, terrible food city.

by sak2011 5 years ago

Terrible. Had tacos al pastor and 3 other tacos. Overstuffed tacos with wet bland goop. All of them tasted the same - soggy. Wife had beef in molacetes. Very salty and with oddly dry beef fl...

Whole Foods after Amazon?

by zigzag17 1 year ago

Wondering what your experience and assessment are with the change? I shop mostly at the Cambridge MA Fresh Pond WF. It seems like they keep produce on the shelf longer and past its prime, and rea...

Fiorella's Express opens in Wellesley

by swellboy 1 month ago

This Italian fast casual restaurant (seating, not full restaurant service) fills space formerly occupied by Susu Bakery. It has other locations in Newtonville, Belmont, Canton.

Visit to reopened Buttonwood

by youngho 16 days ago

My son and I greatly enjoyed our meal at Buttonwood yesterday. We walked in around 5:45 and were able to secure a two-top until 7:15, though we finished before then. The dining room was nearly full...

Famous or Best Italian Near Logan

by WileysHungryAgain 28 days ago

For years as I've come thru Boston Logan, where I've tried to squeeze in one last meal before an outbound flight. This time staying at an airport hotel (TBD) the night before an AM flight. This ti...

Boston MetroWest Bar Pizza?

by Elevatorguy 15 days ago

Around Boston and the south shore there are many places that have great bar style pizza such as Cape Cod Cafe, Lynwood and Town Spa. Out in the metro west area I have not found anywhere that sells ...

Amici's Pizzeria (North Andover, MA)

by BostonBestEats 17 days ago

A group of us checked out Amici's Pizzeria, which one of my friends lives near and has become a regular. This is their new location, which is much bigger than the now-defunct tiny original nearb...

Your favorite places to eat in Boston

by Chowmiaow 1 year ago

I’m more often disappointed than not when eating out or dining out (whichever term you prefer) in Boston and in vicinity. The biggest problem for me is the low quality ingredients used. I underst...

Dim Sum Recs and Advice...

by wonderwoman 19 days ago

a friend and i are going to see 'american moor' at the paramount center for a sunday matinee. we would like to go for dim sum beforehand. i've never been, so would appreciate recommendations. a...

Dinner with Mom downtown/ near TD Garden?

by amo617 28 days ago

My sister and I are heading with Mom to Fleetwood Mac and I am looking for dinner recommendations. Looking for something not too upscale or precious or touristy but not a sports bar. Thoughts?


by jamie2dope 10 years ago

A few years ago, some friends of mine returned from a vacation in Fiji, and described their experience with Kava as a legal, safe alternative to alcohol. After having read how there are Kava bars p...

Banquet Suggestions for Chinatown, Boston, Please?

by pedxing 26 days ago

I'm organizing a gathering very near to Chinatown on a Thursday in July (or possibly August) and want to follow it with a Chinese Banquet. I'm expecting about 30 people with varying outlooks on f...

Castelvetrano olives in Boston area?

by BostonBestEats 2 months ago

Has anyone seen Castelvetrano olives for sale in the Boston area? Formaggio Kitchen doesn't mention them on their website. I suppose I could use Cerignola, which they do carry.

Injera in the Cambridge area

by bear 1 month ago

I'm planning on doing some Ethiopian home cooking soon, and am wondering if there are any updates on where to buy injera locally. Central Convenience on Mass. Ave. in Central Square used to sell it...

Boston City Council Passes Groundbreaking Food Justice Ordinance

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 29 days ago

"...The Good Food Purchasing Policy is not only expected to redirect millions of dollars to local producers and improve nutrition, environmental sustainability, and animal welfare, but also to crea...