Beef Shank

What Is Osso Buco?

Osso buco sounds much fancier than “bone with a hole,” doesn't it? But that's what it means, and there is indeed a round, marrow-filled bone in the center of the veal cut used in this Italian classic...

Any reason why beef shank isn't as popular to cook?

by Rafie 14 years ago

I see so many recipes for veal and lamb shank, but for all the in-vogue fervor over cuts that need long slow cooking, I rarely see recipes utilizing beef shank. Is there a reason for this? Also,...

Guilin Rice Noodles House | Parkside - San Francisco

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

After watching the progress on this new restaurant every time I drove south on 19th Avenue in recent months, I headed to Guilin Rice Noodles House for lunch on getting the word that it had opened. ...

Beef shanks, I'm in love!

by zackly 6 years ago

Just braised some beef shanks for dinner tonight. They were delicious! I think I like them better than short ribs or veal shanks and they are half the price. Does anyone cook them on the grill or i...

Beef shank vs. oxtail?

by mtyf 15 years ago

I love oxtail for the gelatinous goodness and little bits of tasty meat when it's been properly cooked, but it is always a little disappointing that there isn't very much meat in general. I noti...

Sous vide before freezing or freeze before sous vide?

by allipalli 6 years ago

I was just at the market, found an incredible price on beef shank and impulsively bought a few pieces. I'm not going to be able to get around to eating it for a month, though, because I promised t...

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