An Untraditional Recipe for Irish Stew That You'll Cook All Winter

Donal Skehan never expected to fall head first into the food world. The Irish chef—who boasts nearly one million subscribers to his YouTube channel and has written nine cookbooks—has come a long way...

What can I use Barley Malt for?

by whm1974 19 days ago

Now I know you can using Malt for other things other then brewing such as a sweetener, but I have wondering about anything else it could be used for. As a flavoring for bagels I've read about b...

Prowashonupana barley AKA Sustagrain; high fiber whole grain

by zackly 5 years ago

I'm diabetic but one grain I seem to tolerate pretty well is barley (hulled). I just read about this Con Agra barley that has almost twice the fiber as regular barley but the only retail source is ...

Black Nile Barley

by bobbby 3 years ago

I am hoping someone knows where to find Black Nile Barley in west end of GTA (Mississauga or K-W). A couple years ago i purchased a some and now i can't remember where and I am out. Tired of drivin...

Pearl or pearled barley

by Handyman 12 years ago

Have been eating pearl barley sometimes thinking it is one of the whole grains we should be eating. Then I read somewhere that pearl or pearled barley is equivalent to stripping the good stuff off ...

Anyone else into barley?

by debbypo 4 years ago

I really like barley... especially its chewiness and the heartiness of the grain. I make mushroom and beef barley soups and have recently used barley as the base for an improvised vegetarian stew ...

Veggie Barley Soup Help!

by vscardinal 4 years ago

So I tried making barley soup with vegetables yesterday, but I totally forgot to brown my onions. I used barley, vegetable broth, carrots, onions and celery - I just threw everything in the pot and...

Changing casserole ingredients: rice to barley

by raseitz 4 years ago

I love making casseroles but would like to try using barley instead of rice. Is there an easy way to estimate the difference in liquid and cooking time? For example, I typically make a broccoli,...

Bakeries that don't use malted barley flour or malt?

by tazia 4 years ago

I've been recently diagnosed with a barley allergy and was horrified to learn that means I am going to have to abstain from most breads and baked goods outside the home, since many flour blends inc...


by Candy 5 years ago

I was grocery shopping the other day and was looking at grains in the bins. I saw pearl barley which I know and use and then there was pot barley. I've never herd of it. It looked a little darker t...

Where can I buy hulled barley?

by CookingGirl 11 years ago

I'm looking to buy hulled barley in the Boston-out to Metro West area. I know Bob's Red Mill makes it, but I haven't seen any stores that carry it. Whole Foods (at least the one in Framingham) do...

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