10 Insider Tips for a Barcelona First-Timer

Near-perfect weather year-round, friendly locals with seemingly no worries, iconic food and culture—it's a no-brainer why Barcelona had been a bucket-list destination for years, but I was overwhelmed...

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Barcelona Report (Long)

by Adrienne Ward 18 years ago

This March my husband and I traveled to Barcelona and Majorca with Raphael, then 3 ½ months old. Due to Raphael, we stuck for the most part to recommendations on Chowhound and in guidebooks. For ...

needs suggestions for food in Barcelona with small kids (last try)

by mdibiaso 18 years ago

I know I tried twice before but I cannot believe there are no good places in Barcelona to eat with small children, nor can I believe that some of the chowhounds could inform me of them. So please,...

Barcelona for 3 days in April

by Mark Auriema 18 years ago

Hi - Staying 3 days in Barcelona at the Majestic and would like reccomendations for things to do and things not to do (ie too touristy). I know the standard stuff (Gaudi/Rambla/Barri Gotica) what a...

need help with cal pep - barcelona

by mdibiaso 18 years ago

can anyone tell me 1. can you reserve a table 2. can you take small children (4 and 1 year) 3. What part of Barcelona it is in 4. what the address and telephone numbers are Thanks in advance

Barcelona with kids

by mdibiaso 18 years ago

Hi, going for a weekend to Barcelona (and I had a terrible time getting a hotel also!!!). Will have our kids, 1 and 4 years old with us. Need some recommendations on restaurants that would be goo...

barcelona hotels......again!

by ham 18 years ago

okay so its all getting a bit expensive and i want to spend the money on food.any recs on the lower end of the scale?

barcelona hotels

by ham 18 years ago

okay so its settled and we're going to barcelona. i've got such terrific food recs,thank you all so much but i still need hotel info; mid to upper range ,quiet,pleasant. thanks everyone

Will I enjoy Barcelona.

by ham 18 years ago

Help. I am about to schedule a well deserved four day week-end with my partner but we can't agree on where.Agreement might be possible on Barcelona.I've never been to Spain and I'm not jumping up a...


by Liz 18 years ago

Hi! I am heading to Paris in a month or so and would be interested in some recommendations for more casual dining. We have booked Taillevent for our splurge meal. I need ideas for bistro dining,...


by Swannie 18 years ago

Hi I am going to be arriving at Barcelona on New Years 31.12.01 and am wondering if anyone could recommend accomodation - or can you just take a chance? Thanks!

Good food in Barcelona?

by Ben Collins 18 years ago

I've been to Set Portes and liked it very much. Looking for comparable suggestions. Thank you.

4 Nights in Barcelona,4 Restaurants(long)

by Tony Finch 18 years ago

Just spent 4 nights in Barcelona,so 4 restaurants: 1).Asador de Burgos,C/Bruc 118. This a meat roasting restaurant and there's little point in going there to eat anything else.You need to book yo...

3 Days in Paris; 3 Days in Barcelona-Where to Eat?

by Joanne Oteri 19 years ago

Greetings everyone, I'll be spending 3 nights (6 meals-breakfast is taken care of) in Paris and then 3 nights in Barcelona (again 6 meals). If you only had 3 nights in each of these places, what ...

Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Fez & Marrakesh

by julia 19 years ago

Oh, MY! Basically this is a note of thanks: thanks to Tex, Jim, Tom & Xose for their excellent postings on Spain! I'm planning a trip at the end of March 2001 and your advise will be so helpful!...


by jeri 18 years ago

Would love some great new places in Barcelona for tapas, dancing and meeting interesting people...

Barcelona, San Sebastian and Bilbao

by Jesse 19 years ago

I'm leaving for 10 days next week. Thanks for all the great posts about Barcelona. Not much on Bilbao and San Sebastian...was wondering if anyone had any recs? As for Barc, here's what i'm gonna...

athens, barcelona, sorrento,bali

by dianne 19 years ago

I need unique dining recommendations for Athens, barcelona and sorrento-I will be visiting the cities one after the other in a week for about 10 days. Also I will be in Bali in March-recommendati...

Barcelona/Madrid Report

by Sylvia Glassman 19 years ago

We loved Chowhound suggestions, especially from Tom Armitage. Here are some newfound favorites: Barcelona: Pou Dolc. (near Placa Real) This was a find! It's small and friendly, and the food is supe...

Llar de l'all i oli in Barcelona

by Natalie 19 years ago

I'm going to Barcelona in a few days, and read all the rave reviews for this restaurant. Does anyone know if they are open on Sunday and/or Monday? And where is Badalona? Everyone mentions that it ...

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