These Fluffy Banana Pancakes Are Even Easier Than Banana Bread

Banana bread is the obvious use for ultra ripe bananas, but sometimes you don't feel like eating yet another loaf (or baking one, for that matter). That's when these easy banana pancakes come in handy...

Recipes that use LOTS of banana?

by shaybult 3 months ago

I need to eat 2-3 very ripe bananas every day for 7 days (long story - it has to do with testing for food allergies). The problem is, I hate ripe bananas plain. So... looking for recipes or ideas t...

Help! My Bananas Go from Green to Brown [Moved from Home Cooking board]

by ariellasdaddy 14 years ago

I like to buy bananas in, say, Costco, where they sell for 4 lbs for $1.33 but they're totally greeen. I keep them in my kitchen on a banana stand, and they start to brown before they've become yel...

Freezing bananas??

by crn 14 years ago

What will happen? Will they turn brown & be mushy? Would you peel & then slice them? I can never use the whole bunch (it's very hard to find a small bunch).

ISO Banoffee pie (classic) recipe

by CassandreTl 1 year ago

Does anyone have a reliable recipe for classic banoffee pie? Here the thing: I have never eaten a banoffee pie. I'd like to make it for my mum ; she tried it while travelling and can't stop talk...

Undercooked banana bread- how can I rescue??

by emilief 12 years ago

I made banana breads last night. When I cut them this am i discovered that some of the middle is uncooked. Can I put them back in the oven and cook more or perhaps in the microwave? I had taken the...

Banana Bread: How do I get crispy crusts on muffins?

by Nooshijoon 2 years ago

I put my favourite banana bread into muffin tins in the hopes of getting some portable portions. I greased and floured the muffin tin like I do my loaf pans. I baked the batter for 25 minutes at 3...

Converting banana bread into banana muffins ... what do I need to change?

by LulusMom 8 years ago

I have a banana bread recipe that I'd like to change into muffins for easier portability in lunchboxes. It is supposed to be baked in a loaf tin for 1 hour 5 minutes (kind of weird timing) at 350 d...

Bananas are getting cheaper

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 2 years ago

" . . . Price is such a powerful indicator because it’s all shoppers really see, beyond the color. Other critical factors in banana production—those that have to do with labor issues, worker compen...

Commercial banana bread

by acookingcamper 3 years ago

have a confession to make. I really love commercial banana bread....like the stuff you would find at Walmart, sprouts, mimis cafe and other places. I've tried to make banana bread at home with onli...

Weird bananas

by roxlet 6 years ago

For years now, my husband has picked up bananas at Costco that are green. Gradually, over the course of several days, they begin to turn yellow and ripen. Lately, however, they don't turn yellow. T...

Red Bananas - Aren't they supposed to be good?

by tzakiel 11 years ago

I bought some red bananas at the local international supermarket. They were a nice maroon color and simply labeled "Red Banana" I was inspired to do this by a recent issue of Saveur in which re...

Where to buy Gros Michel bananas?

by mr_darcy 12 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy Gros Michel bananas? I would like to see what they taste like. I found through Google that FL has served them, but I'd like to be able to just buy the banana. ...

Indonesian Food Recipes (Need your comment and suggestion)

by enzhndyn 3 years ago

Hello everyone, this is another Indonesian food recipes that I have translated from Bahasa Indonesia to English. Please give me your comment and suggestion about the recipes below. You can give me ...

Why won't my bananas ripen?

by greedygirl 13 years ago

I loathe overly ripe bananas so I always buy them slightly green. Usually they're fine once they've been in the fruit bowl for a couple of days but I've had my current bunch for almost a week and ...

Cucur kodok- a famous Malaysian street snack

by mplimarthur 4 years ago

I created the dish recently and wish to share the recipe. Respond this link if you wish to get hold of this homemade recipe.

Gardens of Taxco bananas and cream "Rio Frio style" Recipe?

by weylynn 4 years ago

Any L.A. people who've been there know how to make it? We live too far away now to just pop in and pick some up. On the menu it says it's made with 'three creams'. Ideas?

With out question - the best cake I've had

by krissywats 14 years ago

I made my own birthday cake last weekend and decided on one I saw posted on Slashfood called 'The Elvis Cake'. Banana cake with chocolate chips, peanut butter frosting and topped with chocolate ...

Elvis banana cake recipe please

by tweetie 5 years ago

could someone share this recipe if you get a moment? Banana, not pound. no luck searching the boards. lots of talk, no recipe though. many thanks!

ISO: Whole dried bananas

by thegl 6 years ago

Has anyone come across whole dried bananas? I've bought them many many years ago in a Vietnamese grocery store in Hamiltion. Haven't found any in Toronto though. Attaching a picture of what a...

Substitute for bananas

by Sisiutl 5 years ago

What is a good substitute for bananas in blended cocktails such as the Lava Flow? I'm mainly interested in their use as a thickener, I don't care about calories or nutrition. Suggestions I've seen ...