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Weird bananas

by roxlet 3 years ago

For years now, my husband has picked up bananas at Costco that are green. Gradually, over the course of several days,...


zackly commented 14 days ago

Red Bananas - Aren't they supposed to be good?

by tzakiel 8 years ago

I bought some red bananas at the local international supermarket. They were a nice maroon color and simply labeled "...


BigG commented 1 month ago

Where to buy Gros Michel bananas?

by mr_darcy 9 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy Gros Michel bananas? I would like to see what they taste like. I found through Goo...


Puma_Girl_13 commented 3 months ago

Indonesian Food Recipes (Need your comment and suggestion)

by enzhndyn 4 months ago

Hello everyone, this is another Indonesian food recipes that I have translated from Bahasa Indonesia to English. Plea...


enzhndyn commented 4 months ago

Why won't my bananas ripen?

by greedygirl 10 years ago

I loathe overly ripe bananas so I always buy them slightly green. Usually they're fine once they've been in the frui...


Secretlocket commented 4 months ago

Undercooked banana bread- how can I rescue??

by emilief 9 years ago

I made banana breads last night. When I cut them this am i discovered that some of the middle is uncooked. Can I put ...


ashleigh2728 commented 6 months ago

Cucur kodok- a famous Malaysian street snack

by mplimarthur 8 months ago

I created the dish recently and wish to share the recipe. Respond this link if you wish to get hold of this homemade...


mplimarthur commented 8 months ago

Freezing bananas??

by crn 11 years ago

What will happen? Will they turn brown & be mushy? Would you peel & then slice them? I can never use the whole bunch...


GWL666 commented 1 year ago

Home Cooking Be the first to comment

Gardens of Taxco bananas and cream "Rio Frio style" Recipe?

by weylynn 1 year ago

Any L.A. people who've been there know how to make it? We live too far away now to just pop in and pick some up. On t...

With out question - the best cake I've had

by krissywats 11 years ago

I made my own birthday cake last weekend and decided on one I saw posted on Slashfood called 'The Elvis Cake'. Ban...


chicken12 commented 1 year ago

Elvis banana cake recipe please

by tweetie 1 year ago

could someone share this recipe if you get a moment? Banana, not pound. no luck searching the boards. lots of talk...


tweetie commented 1 year ago

ISO: Whole dried bananas

by thegl 3 years ago

Has anyone come across whole dried bananas? I've bought them many many years ago in a Vietnamese grocery store in ...


jacksl commented 1 year ago

Substitute for bananas

by Sisiutl 1 year ago

What is a good substitute for bananas in blended cocktails such as the Lava Flow? I'm mainly interested in their use ...


stevewi commented 1 year ago

Non-Alcohol Bananas Foster

by eenie1 1 year ago

Hi all! I'm looking for a non-alcohol bananas foster recipe. My plan is to use it, once it's cooled, as a "filling...


Blumie commented 1 year ago

Guineo Verde (green bananas)- Source?

by Amelie 10 years ago

I am looking for a source to order green bananas to make traditional Puerto Rican food. This is very difficult for m...


maric072 commented 1 year ago


by laredo 9 years ago

I have some very ripe bananas. If I mash them and then freeze, will they be usable (thawed, of course) for banana bre...


masha commented 1 year ago

How to make these leftovers exciting?

by lisaleira 2 years ago

Hi!! So I have these frozen leftovers. When I froze them, they were exciting, but now they are not. What would you...


Querencia commented 1 year ago

Oven method of ripening bananas?

by Idie 2 years ago

So, I tried ripening my bananas at 300F for 1 hr to put them in my banana bread recipe, since I didn't have any ripe ...


Mrs_Dodd commented 1 year ago

Help! My Bananas Go from Green to Brown [Moved from Home Cooking board]

by ariellasdaddy 10 years ago

I like to buy bananas in, say, Costco, where they sell for 4 lbs for $1.33 but they're totally greeen. I keep them in...


mantigonos commented 2 years ago

They're still green.......

by Scribbler 16 years ago

The bananas I posted about recently are still green; Sunday it will be two weeks since I bought them. I followed the...


coms911 commented 2 years ago

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