Bake Sale

Need a great bake sale recipe? Ask here and ye shall receive. Plus, Chowhounds weigh in on bake sale decorum, how to host one, and favorite bake sale foods.

This One Secret Ingredient Is the Only Thing Between You and Flawless Rice Krispie Treats

I’ve been a huge Rice Krispie treats fan since back in the day. It was hands down my favorite sweet as a kid—I memorized the recipe from the back of the cereal box and made them regularly. Post-college...

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Dressing up bake sale items

by Anne 12 years ago

My husband & I are chairing our church's bake sale, to be held the 1st weekend in November. We've got donations of baked goods lined up, and I've got plenty of recipes for good-sellers that I'll b...

Bake Sale - Bloor West

by dianabanana 13 years ago

Props to deelicious, and our thanks! What an amazing bakery. I never would have found it. We had a dinner party last night and wanted to put a dessert table together. So along with the SOMA cho...

Baking Loaf Breads for a Bake Sale

by HolidayBaker 13 years ago

I could bake some loaf breads in the morning (a few hours from now) for this bake sale. I wonder if it's worth it, as we only eat them fresh the day they're baked, or within 24 hours. I have a ...

Favorite Bake Sale Recipes?

by LisaAZ 13 years ago

I need 3 recipes, for the next 3 Fridays :) Items are sold for 1 dollar a portion primarily to health care workers. Non-messy and easily portioned things would be best. Maybe things that could be s...

SHOW ME THE MONEY...need desirable bake sale items for school fundraiser!

by mailgirl 14 years ago

I am making cheesecake brownies and ???. Last year the individual items,purchased by the piece by both parents and students, averaged between 50 cents to one dollar. Obviously, the most bang for ...

Awesome-Sounding Bake Sales This Weekend!

by Jim Leff 16 years ago

A giant bake sale is being held this Saturday from 10-3 in Building A Conference Center at Fort Mason. Bakers include Linda Carucci, Carolyn Beth Weil(new book on pies), Artisan Bakery(Sonoma), Sem...

Looking for church (or any other) Sunday bake sales

by gj 15 years ago

Back in the day you could always find dependable brownies, cakes etc baked by the women's auxillary as a church fund raiser. In my secular old(er) age I've lost track of where these are held no...

Bake Sale Econimics - A follow-up (Long)

by Gary Rolin 15 years ago

Last week I wrote asking for suggestions for a bake sale items. I wanted to know if I should deal in volume and bake a bunch of cookies a whole cake that would fetch a higher price-per-piece. Wel...

Savory items at bake sales

by Aromatherapy 15 years ago

As part of a now-deleted thread, a poster reported success with having savory items be maybe 20 percent of bake sale offerings. Anybody else have experience offering such? Any ideas for what to m...

Anyone participating or going to tomorrow's Bake Sale?

by Pssst 16 years ago

For those of you that don't know moveon.org is sponsoring neighborhood "Bake Sales for Democracy" tomorrow. I checked their website and there are a ton in the Duboce Park, Castro, Dolores Park ...

Bake Sales this Saturday

by flippy 16 years ago

Tomorrow, MoveOn is sponsoring many bake sales around the Bay Area to raise money for the upcoming presidential election. Not trying to preach or convert anyone, I just wanted to let you know of t...

Great American Bake Sale -- Fort Mason, July 5

by Nancy Berry 16 years ago

I just received this in my e-mail and really think that the folks on Chowhound will want to come and support this tasty and wonderful charity event. I know many of the folks who will be bringing it...

Savory Bake Sale Ideas too?

by Loeb 18 years ago

Berkeleybabe's question leads me to this one (and yes, I'm thinking about your quiche, BethP--thanks!). We have a bake sale tomorrow from 12-6pm. If you were a starving student or faculty member an...

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