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Make this bachelorette party the most memorable: Ask Chowhounds for the best places to party, drink, and enjoy an excellent meal for a group.

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Bachelorette Party recs for a bunch of Non New Yorkers

by Gigi 14 years ago

I have a bit of a problem. I'm in change of throwing a backelorette party for a bunch of out of towners who don't know the city or the restaurant scene and range in ages from 21-29. I was thinkin...

Bachelorette Party for 15 Trendy Ladies

by CrazyLady 14 years ago

Looking for a trendy restaurant for 15 bachelorette party diners. From 45th street to 55th is prefered.

Bachelorette Party: Dinner & Brunch

by Nataliegann 14 years ago

I'm throwing a small bachelorette weekend for a good friend. I'm looking for a fun place to have dinner on the westside on Saturday night that would be suitable for a small gaggle of giggling girl...

Small bachelorette party looking for dinner place in SF

by B Cakes 14 years ago

There are only three of us but we want to go somewhere fun and special. And we like really good food. Maybe somewhere with a show or great view or something unique. Or perhaps small plates. No as...

Bachelorette Party Seeking Yummy Food!

by Julie 14 years ago

I am the lucky winner of planning this summers seemingly obligatory bachelorette party. There are 13 of us. We like to eat and are looking for tasty food, a fun environment, and reasonable prices...

Bachelorette party help - fun tapas/small plates?

by AlliK 14 years ago

I'm helping coordinate a bachelorette weekend for 10 mid-twenties women in Chicago in August - am not a local, so need some Chow help in planning a fun Saturday night dinner place. I think a tapas...

Bachelorette Party

by dtud 14 years ago

ok - coming to NY for a bachelorette party (no one is from ny - but that's the best meeting point for everyone). need: 1. great restaurant/bar/tapas - whatever. somewhere to grab some food, ...

Planning a bachelorette party

by CoddyJ 14 years ago

I need to plan a bachelorette party and am looking for a fun place that ideally has good food, a good bar, and good music. I need a place that would take reservations for a group of @ 8 - 10 peopl...

bachelorette party help, please

by emma 14 years ago

i'm looking for a good restaurant that takes reservations, and where we will spend up to $30 a head not including drinks. the bride-to-be loves sushi, and i was thinking jewel bako, but i think it...

Bachelorette Party

by Lauren - NY 15 years ago

Hello again, I have one more question. We will be in NOLA this weekend for my one of my girlfriends bachelorette party. Can anyone suggest what to do on Saturday night in the french quarter? F...

nice bachelorette party dinner

by zelda 15 years ago

Any suggestions for a nice bachelorette party dinner? And when I write nice, i specifically mean we will NOT be making the bride wear a veil and we will NOT be visiting male dancers. We were thin...

Asia Roma and Bachelorette Party Dinner

by Jen T 15 years ago

Any thoughts on Asia Roma? Or alternative suggestions for a not too expensive, downtown pre-bachelorette party dinner for group of 15-20? Thank you...

Fun, veg-friendly place for bachelorette party dinner in R. North/Old Town?

by len242 15 years ago

I'm looking for a relatively affordable, fun, lively (not formal or stuffy) place to have a pre-bachelorette party dinner for a group of about 12-15. Location would be preferably River North, nort...

Bachelorette Party

by tals 15 years ago

Looking for a cheap, fun location for a Bachelorette party for saturday night. Someplace where tequilla shots are acceptable decor. NO TORTILLA FLATS, Please....

Piano Bar for a bachelorette party?

by adam 15 years ago

I'm helping out a friend from out of town here- Anyone know a good piano bar in the city, good drinks, food, fun for a bachelorette party? Thanks!

Bachelorette Party in Las Vegas

by michelesan 15 years ago

Seeking some sound advice from my fellow chow hounds - I'm hosting a party of 6 ladies for a weekend bachelorette party in Las Vegas. Any suggestions on reasonably priced eats ($30-$40) or prix f...

Bachelorette Party - Perfect Spot Suggestions

by NIKA 15 years ago

I’ve been granted a responsibility for organizing a Bachelorette Party for one of my best friends. I was fortunate enough to learn that she would love to go to the “adult spot”, but before that I w...

Bachelorette Party - Perfect Spot Suggestions

by NIKA 15 years ago

I’ve been granted a responsibility for organizing a Bachelorette Party for one of my best friends. I was fortunate enough to learn that she would love to go to the “adult spot”, but before that I w...

Good Group Restaurant in Chicago for Bachelorette Party

by meg 15 years ago

Hi -- I am looking for a good group restaurant (about 16 people) in the city of Chicago that is fun, good eats, and not too pricey. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Bachelorette Party

by Susie Q. 16 years ago

Does anyone have a recommendation for a fun place for a bachelorette party that can seat 25 women? Not Tortilla Flat or Mangia E Bevi b/c we've already done those for other friends, but a similar ...

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