Baby Shower

Soon-to-be parents deserve cake and presents, so plan accordingly. Discuss how to host a baby shower with other Chowhounds, including recipe advice, entertaining tips, and more.

Frosting a Bakery-Worthy Cake Is Easy with These Pro Tips

Frosting a cake seems simple, but it's easy to mess it up if you use the wrong tools or have your ingredients at the wrong temperature. A little patience and some basic know-how will make your cake...

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Your favorite michelada recipe?

by esquimeaux 6 years ago

I'm 8 months pregnant and all I want to do is drink Micheladas all day! I've been having some great ones (with club soda instead of beer) at various restaurants around town, but would love to serve...

Baby Shower Cake Using the Nordic Ware Gingerbread Cake Pan

by lukfam 6 years ago

I want to make a cake for a baby shower using the Nordic Ware gingerbread cake pan as the center of the display. I will probably make it chocolate or vanilla. Can anyone provide me with any links...

Menu for baby shower brunch

by rstuart 6 years ago

I have offered to throw a baby shower for a good friend of mine (all of her family live out of the country). She would like a brunch (an event from about 11-2), and there will probably be about 20 ...

Menu Planning Help - Baby Shower

by pnkpirateak 6 years ago

I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister and her husband in March, in Ohio. I originally planned to do a full lunch...but I've decided I'd like to do something less consuming so I can enjoy the ...

Cutesy cupcake shop/bakery that can host small party SFV/westside for girly baby shower

by Sjp091209 6 years ago

There are soooo many cutesy cupcake shops and bakeries in LA and I'm looking for one that would host a baby shower (6-12 guests) for some sweets and maybe some iced teas and lemonades. A lot of th...

Baby shower for 30 - food ideas

by chocomel 6 years ago

Hi all, I'm planning a baby shower for around 25 - 30 people with a budget of max $10 per person. The party will be held in someone's house in Milpitas. I'm really at a lost of what to serve and...

Ideas for inexpensive baby shower venues or caterers?

by urbanp 7 years ago

Has anyone had any luck finding an inexpensive place (preferably no more than $20/person) in Brooklyn (or Manhattan) to host a baby (or bridal) shower? I have to organize one for my sister for ear...

Private dining for baby shower 12-15 people

by bpineles 7 years ago

Looking for a place with a private dining room for a baby shower, preferably on the westside or downtown, up to about $40 a person. Great food as well of course! Any cuisine is ok.

Baby Shower cake, wanted to show it off

by cgarner 7 years ago

I opted for Alice Bakery in North Wales, Love their cakes! Dennis and company do everything really well from sweet to savory top layer was vanilla cake with the most delicious almond butter cre...

Baby Shower Brunch Locations in the Bay Area?

by sosososo107 7 years ago

Was wondering if you guys have any suggestions on baby shower venue? Preferably for brunch with a private room? With parking would be a plus~ Hoping more in the East Bay and as far as maybe Sunn...

Ideas for Baby Shower Dish

by Fiona 7 years ago

Hello - My daughter has requested that I make a dish that has a Thai taste profile and includes beef and fresh vegetables. The dish can be served cold or I can keep it warm in a crock pot. The diff...

Peninsula baby shower location

by idtoca 7 years ago

Need a spot for baby show accommodating 20 people, preferably with good food. I could also have it catered, but looking for quiet restaurant or one with private rooms. From San Mateo to and inclu...

DC: Location near Penn Q for Baby Shower Cocktails Next Week

by gustaf 7 years ago

Looking for a location near Penn Quarter for an informal baby shower with mocktails, real cocktails and good snacks for approximately 10 people. And, yes, I need to do this next week during the we...

Cheese House reserved for a baby shower. Now what? :)

by ShoreIsNice 7 years ago

We are renting a room in a wonderful artisanal cheese house for a baby shower. They will provide us with great cheeses and sausages, but we need to provide the rest of the food. The shower starts ...

Monmouth/Ocean County baby shower venue

by Jennylynn15 7 years ago

I am in need of some suggestions of an unique baby shower venue for approx 30-45 attendees. Price point no more than 30$ per person and preferably a byob establishment but not necessary... The gu...

Inexpensive Baby Shower!

by Montesmamaof3 7 years ago

My mom is having a baby shower for me so I thought I would help by finding a place for her to have it for me. My mom is on a budget and my husband and I both have large families and I would like to...

Baby Shower Locations

by MsMixxy 7 years ago

Hi! i am throwing a friend a baby shower in August. There should be about 30-40 people at the luncheon. It will be coed and I would like to offer good food, and the option of wine and beer for pu...

Baby Shower

by Gastronomic 7 years ago

Wife is looking for suggestions for a Baby shower, late July....Peapack to Hackettstown, preferably BYOB. Thanks in advance.

Baby shower Manhattan

by jackiechow 7 years ago

Any suggestions for a nice place for a baby shower in Manhattan? Looking for a pretty restaurant with very good food, not loud, some privacy.