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El Pollo Regio

by pinotho 9 years ago

Does anyone have any idea how they make that wonderful chicken ? What do you think they marinade it in , besides lem...


kitzi commented 6 days ago

Seeking downtown office lunch catering

by craveytrain 6 years ago

My workplace caters our lunch and breakfast once a week. I am helping compile a list of places to add into the rotati...


ericaburrocheese commented 12 days ago

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Sheep meat in Austin-San Antonio?

by Joe MacBu 19 days ago

Are there any butchers between Austin and San Antonio who have mutton (older sheep >2 years old)? To clarify, not loo...

Barbecue restaurants during the Super Bowl

by ekrubnivek 29 days ago

I'm visiting Austin Texas next week and I would love to try some of Austin's great barbecue restaurants. It's also th...

MelMM commented 25 days ago

Where to buy "real" lard?

by Rptrane 5 years ago

I'm curious about doing some cooking with lard, but it's my understanding the lard in grocery stores is hydrogenated ...

sandiasingh commented 3 months ago

Best bbq without a line?

by joeyjojo 1 year ago

I'm coming to Austin for a weekend with friends. What would be great barbecue in the Downtown/South Congress area th...

blackbookali commented 3 months ago

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Restaurants Near Residence Inn Downtown

by labdog 3 months ago

Nice restaurants near Residence Inn Downtown on East 4th, Austin

Why can't I find Tri-tip steak in Texas?

by HelloTiffy 9 years ago

I'm from San Francisco, and tri-tip is a very common cut of steak. I had it all the time and it was my favorite. I mo...


Zacchh37 commented 4 months ago

Girls Weekend

by nsm08 4 months ago

Hi, I’ll be in Austin in Feb for a girls weekend. We are looking for restaurant ideas with a fun environment. I ...


mlin1 commented 4 months ago

Celis Beer is Back!

by TroyTempest 9 months ago

The brewery is officially opening this summer, but they are having early launches this week around town (see link bel...

MOREKASHA commented 4 months ago

Is there a good philly cheese steak in Austin??

by whoalilponie 8 years ago

Looking for the best and most authentic. What makes it real, is it the meat, does it have to be shaved rib eye steak,...


Feelsit commented 5 months ago

roll with me here: best egg roll in austin?

by symbiosis00 10 years ago

Hi guys, new poster here. I'm a waiter that was told about chowhound by a few of my customers because of posts with ...

Brewdude commented 6 months ago

Arm in cast. Trader Joe's shopping list?

by sweet100s 6 months ago

right arm in cast 6 wks what do you recommend i buy at trader joe? am assuming tj would be best cos they have g...


saregama commented 6 months ago

Raw Milk? Cow Shares? Goat Shares?

by xeresana 10 years ago

Does anyone know of any local dairies offering raw milk - either cow or goat? How about any cow shares or goat share...


hossrukker commented 7 months ago

Any Really Good Bagels in Austin Area?

by StevenW11 1 year ago

Seems most bagels here are the bready variety, with no crust, no chew and consequently, no flavor. Anybody aware of ...


AlexH1980 commented 8 months ago

Restaurants in San Marcos/New Braunfels

by heyzeus212 8 years ago

This weekend I'm meeting for dinner with friends who live in San Antonio. Usually we meet halfway-ish at the Grist M...

TroyTempest commented 8 months ago

Zucchini Noodle Entrees

by Rene 8 months ago

I had the pleasure of ordering a Zucchini Primavera entree at Napa Flats recently. I really appreciated having a low ...


Foxeyblue commented 8 months ago


by klanch 2 years ago

I figured the last RIP thread was long enough to justify starting one new... It looks like 34th Street Cafe has go...

TroyTempest commented 9 months ago

Late celebratory dinner near the Hilton

by adele1961 9 months ago

Hi there, I'm attending an awards reception at the HIlton in Austin that gets out at 8:30 pm. Any suggestions for a r...

TroyTempest commented 9 months ago