What Is the Difference Between Applesauce and Apple Butter?

For some time, I have had trouble separating apple butter and applesauce in my mind. Both are made of apples and both provide boosts of exceptional fall flavor to my palate, yet I have never been quite...

Help! I'm tired of grinding apples to avoid adding sugar :/

by Faustable 3 months ago

I found this recipe for Apple Oatmeal Muffins and was inspired. Not only does recipe use all ALL oat flour (therefore more fiber) but I felt confident I could make these muffins w/out an added swee...

Can You Make Apple Sauce From Peels Without Apple Fruit?

by westes 12 months ago

I read that most of the pectin in an apple is in the peels, not in the apple fruit. If you cook the peels alone - leaving out the apple fruit - will it become a viscous fluid like an apple sauce?...

Can I reduce commercial applesauce to concentrate its flavor?

by jill00 2 years ago

Hi, and thanks for your time and help. When cooking for myself, I use a lot of shortcuts (no time), and in this case I'll be combining a puree of frozen squash with roasted onions and (the...

Replacing Oil with Apple Sauce in Cake

by Lotus7 15 years ago

I am going to make Trader Joe's Pumpkin Cake. I'd like to replace the oil with apple sauce. The recipe calls for 1/4 cup of oil so should I also use 1/4 cup of apple sauce? Or do I use more or le...

Replacing butter & eggs with applesauce

by Aurum 4 years ago

So I recently found this surprisingly good recipe (https://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/grapefruit-poppy-seed-bread) to help me go through a few grapefruits I had from my previous groceries. I r...

How do you make a really good applesauce?

by Neta 15 years ago

Does anyone have a really really good recipe for a chunky homemade applesauce? I've tried making it before but it was just okay. I have had some that has just the right balance of sugar, butter, ...

Help me, quick! I'm making homemade applesauce and there's a ton of liquid??

by greenduck 10 years ago

Ok so I decided to make applesauce for my baby today. Looked up a couple recipes and it seemed super easy. Apples, water, cinnamon and a little sugar. Got it going on the stove with the water le...

Applesauce replacing oil in brownies??

by michael 15 years ago

Does this trick work? Are there any caveats? Can applesauce be substituted for fat in other baked goods/similar items? Looking forward to trying this healthy alternative! (any other good tricks lik...

Gravenstein Apples

by Melanie Wong 21 years ago

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, head up to Russian River Valley in western Sonoma County and grab the end of the season Gravenstein apples. Look for farmstands along HWY 116-Gr...

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