Antipasti platters overflowing with olives, meats, and cheeses make our heart beat faster. Discuss what belongs on an antipasti plate, find great restaurant antipasti, and ask questions about serving antipasti at home.


'Sapori d' Italia' at La Bocca, White Plains...

by gutreactions 5 years ago

For as long as I have known Chef Tony Spiritoso of La Bocca Ristorante in White Plains, and even thru his previous restaurants in Yonkers and Mamaroneck, it has always been about his Antipasti Tabl...

Appetizer/Antipasti for an Italian potluck dinner

by spaetzle 14 years ago

Hey there, I'm looking for a recipe for an Italian starter to bring to an Italian potluck dinner I'm going to next weekend. We're actually having 2 potlucks, one dinner will feature more Friulia...


by Allegra_K 5 years ago

Use this thread for the following chapters: introduction (prep) - p.23-29 aperitivi & stuzzichini - p.31-54 mozzarella - p.55-90 antipasti- p.91-120 If you are the first to report on a rec...

June 2015 COTM: VERDURA - storecupboard recipes, antipasti, salads - pp 27-106

by MelMM 6 years ago

Use this thread to report on the following chapters of VERDURA: Storecupboard recipes - pp. 27-40 Antipasti - pp. 41-71 Salads - pp. 73-106 If you are the first to post on a recipe, please ...

Need a unique marmalade recipe, please

by Multifoiled 5 years ago

I'm putting together a cured meat and cheese board for a cocktail hour before Christmas dinner and I want to serve a unique type of marmalade with it. I found this recipe for radicchio marmalade wh...

*July 2010 COTM - ITALIAN EASY: Antipasti and Appetizers

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 11 years ago

Our July cookbooks are ITALIAN EASY and ITALIAN TWO EASY, by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers. Please use this thread to discuss recipes from the following chapters: Italian Easy: Bruschetta Ant...

Antipasto platter

by nckrsz 6 years ago

Any hounds have a recommendation for a restaurant/caterer that makes a great antipasto platter? Am having a large party this weekend and would like to order a fabulous platter to put out as an app...

Bucci's -- What a Gem [Emeryville]

by TopoTail 9 years ago

When I'm not eating with my wife for one reason or another, I usually seem to find myself at the counter at Bucci's. Every time I go there I tell myself I'm going to get something other than the ma...

Daughters 20th Birthday Gala......

by jrvedivici 6 years ago

I don't do much contributing here but yesterday was my daughters 20th birthday and she had a group of friends over. She wanted a "tapa's" style menu so she decided on the following: Homemade Gua...

A Vegan Antipasto Platter?

by nothingswrong 6 years ago

Hi all, I'm hosting a few ladies this weekend in the afternoon for a hangout, drinks, nibbles, and chit chat. Maybe some pool time if it's not too hot. There will be vegan(s) in attendance. I fi...

Antipasti (formerly Hudson at Haymount House)

by jessheslin 6 years ago

Hi all, A new place has taken over the Haymount House on Studio Hill in Briarcliff Manor. It is called Antipasti--that's the restaurant and bar. The rest of it will be a catering/banquet hall, so ...

*July 2011 COTM, BATALI II: Antipasti

Caitlin McGrath
by Caitlin McGrath 10 years ago

Please use this thread to discuss and review recipes from the following chapters: Molto Gusto: Vegetable Antipasti; Seafood & Meat Antipasti Italian Grill: Antipasti The Chowhound Team has a...

Best single store for salumi, olives/antipasti veg, burrata and imported pasta?

by biondanonima 10 years ago

I know this sounds like kind of a dumb question given the plethora of Italian markets in Manhattan, but I don't have time to go to several places and I want to make sure I can get all of the things...

babbo - antipasti

by dogface 10 years ago

I have seen several posts describing the primi's and secondi's, but have not seen people's choices for antipasti's if you had to choose two. Also would it seem strange to get two antipasti's an...

October 2008 COTM Batali: Antipasti

by MMRuth 13 years ago

October 2008 Cookbooks of the Month: Mario Batali’s Babbo, Molto Italiano, and Simple Italian Cooking. Please post your full-length reviews of antipasti recipes here. Please mention the name...

Olive and Antipasti Bar... can't.get.enough.

by meghant 10 years ago

Ok, so I'm an avid eater (of most things) and I'm pretty creative in the kitchen. I am absolutely in-love with all the tasty olives and colorful marinated combinations at my local grocery store's d...

Antipasti platter for 15-20 - need help with portions

by AntarcticWidow 10 years ago

I need some help on calculating how much meat and cheese to provide for an antipasti platter that will serve 15-20 people. I'm thinking of an assortment of the following: - Mortadella - Rosa sa...

Your Favorite Antipastio?

by Cherylptw 11 years ago

I'm doing a Christmas dinner buffet next month for a group of 30 car club members... They're Italian so the food is geared toward that cuisine. To open the meal, I'm doing antipasti and would like...

Antipasti Buffet for Large Holiday Party

by gochrisgo 12 years ago

Hi, I'm hosting a large holiday party in my small Brooklyn apartment. Inspired by our summetime trip to Italy -- I'd like to serve an antipasti buffet. I'd like it to range from simple to more c...

interesting antipasti?

by foiegrasfan 13 years ago

I am making an antipasti platter for a gourmand girlfriend's stagette (lucky grrrl!)...any exciting suggestions out there for what to include? (aside for the boring old roast red peppers, eggplant...