Cooking with aluminum? Share your views on the best aluminum cookware, how to care for it, and where to buy it.

Are Glass Pie Pans Best for Browned Bottom Crusts?

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aluminum balti pan??

by Jenni899 9 years ago

My mother gave me this aluminum pan , looks sort of like wok, but more like a balti pan. I have never used aluminum cookware, except for a steamer. Is it worth using? any advice would be great I k...

Stainless Steel Skillet with Thickest Aluminum Disk/Base

by jshawn2 9 years ago

This is my first post here. I know this site generally recommends fully clad for skillets. I had a much longer post explaining what cookware I own and how I arrived to prefer the aluminum disk/ba...

Anyone Tried Eneron "Turbo" Aluminum Pans & Pots?

by kaleokahu 9 years ago

OK, so I was at Bargreen-Ellingson yesterday for cheesecloth, and I saw this 22Q aluminum stockpot with a straaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaange bottom. Looks like an electronics heat sink. http://www.dvorso...

I screwed up: how do I get the black streaks off my aluminum popcorn popper and pie dish?!

by bgbc 9 years ago

Yeah, I screwed up. Celebrated a new dishwasher by not handwashing the greasy popcorn maker but instead put it in the dishwasher. Along for a ride was a pebbled aluminum pie dish. This is the p...

ISO: 18 inch Aluminum Rolling Pin

by tyatt 9 years ago

Hi all, I am trying to find this item in the GTA. Have anyone seen it around? Thanks! http://www.amazon.com/Winware-18-Inch-Aluminum-Rolling-Pins/dp/B001CI8X2Q

Cast Aluminum

by chicgail 9 years ago

I have a couple of ancient Wagnerware cast aluminum saucepans and a dutch oven. I've replaced their matching pans long ago with Calphalon some time ago, but I'm beginning to notice how oddly light...

Mini Aluminum Pie Plates #YEG

by kati3 9 years ago

For making individual pot pies or pies -- anyone know where I can get these? Thanks in advance!

how to remove scratches in aluminum baking pans

by pianoplayer 9 years ago

I have a wonderful set of Lincoln Wear-Ever 5303 aluminum baking pans. I loaned them to a friend who baked bar cookies in them. Unfortunately, she cut the bar cookies with a sharp knife that left a...

First "Scorchprint" Duel--Cast Ivon vs. Aluminum on Gas

by kaleokahu 9 years ago

Inspired by my muse and scourge Caroline, today I ran the first of what I hope to be a series of stovetop experiments designed to test heat "eveness" in pans of different materials and compositions...

Third First "Scorchprint" Duel--Cast Ivon vs. Aluminum in Gas Oven

by kaleokahu 9 years ago

Here's the anticlimax. Tonight I tried the parchment test in the LC cast iron pan (wooden handle removed) ion the center rack of my gas oven at 350F. Caroline suggested that temp 45 minutes. A...

Suplementing kitchen cookware on the cheap? Food service grade SS/Aluminum/Carbon Steel?

by phreon 9 years ago

I'm probably not what you'd call a foodie, but I enjoy cooking and like having the right tools for the job. I'm not one to pay much attention to brand names, shiny chrome or full color brochures; ...

Can I use cheap aluminum pie plates to make pumpkin pie?

by dynastar 9 years ago

This year I am in charge of the pumpkin pies and plan to make 2 or 3. I usually do not make pies, therefore do not own any pie pans. I was thinking of using the cheapos that I can throw away. Or is...

thickness of the aluminum layer in tri-ply

by lololo 9 years ago

Hi to all! I am shopping for a new cookware set. I would like to buy tri-ply (or clad I think it's named...) pots. I would like to know what to look for regarding the thickness of the core alumi...

My Disposable Aluminum Pans Question

by jamie.kepner 10 years ago

Hi there. I'm having a bunch of people over for brunch, and don't have the cookware necessary for the dishes I'm making (specifically, a loaf pan for a cake, and a large glass dish for a fritatta)....

Aluminum ceramic-coated pans?

by pazzaglia 10 years ago

Has anyone had experiece with the new aluminum ceramic-coated pans? I can't do cast-iron because I live right next to the salty mediterrenean sea and, already, my one year old cooktop grates -desp...

Carbon steel frying pan with an aluminum inner layer - is there such a thing?

tanuki soup
by tanuki soup 10 years ago

I love my carbon steel frying pans, but since I use an induction cooktop, one thing that is sometimes a problem is that the pans don't get as hot at the edges as at the center. I would love to find...

Quick Q: Can I put my cast aluminum stockpot in the oven?

by applky 10 years ago

There is chili inside (see this post: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/696346 ). Was going to let it finish for 4 hours or so at 250˚. The pot is cast aluminum from a restaurant supply store, about...

ISO aluminum free baking powder and creme fraiche

by lilaki 10 years ago

hi hounds, can you please tell me where to find aluminum free baking powder and/or creme fraiche in the GTA? west-end is preferable but i've got a car and can travel. thank you!

burnt cast aluminum pan

by endelbendel 10 years ago

Forgot this swell, favorite pan on high flame, dry. Inside burnt various colors, various oils i suppose. Scrubbed with salt. Believe the original seasoning oils in the pores of the metal burnt o...

Rice bran oil disolves aluminium. Is it unsafe?

by the eel 10 years ago

I usually put a sheet of aluminum foil under my roast meats when I cook them and I was shocked the other day when I used rice bran oil for the first time in marinating my roast lamb. When I checked...