Cooking with aluminum? Share your views on the best aluminum cookware, how to care for it, and where to buy it.

Are Glass Pie Pans Best for Browned Bottom Crusts?

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Aluminium pots ok to cook ?

by Han Lukito 16 years ago

I bought a pressure cooker that apprarently is made of aluminium material because it is not heavy. Any downside ? I heard there are possible reactions with some foods. Is there some websites ...

Aluminum in cheese

by Min 16 years ago

Peace greetings to all; I read something last week that "aluminum" is added to the processing of cheese so the cheese will melt. Is there truth to this, and can anyone direct me to finding out fo...

aluminum chef competition

by messycook 16 years ago

My significant other is getting together with 3 of his friends this upcoming weekend. They do this every year & take turns planning competitive events - so he has thought of doing something similar...

stainless/aluminum tambour door

by Napa Foodie 16 years ago

I am trying to locate a stainless (or alum. if necessary) tambour door for custom size cabinet (appx 2' x 18"). Hafele is prohibitively expensive! Any sources would be greatly appreciated.

Aluminum cookware.....????

by erica 18 years ago

I do almost all of my cooking in Magnalite and Club aluminum pots and pans..the same ones I have used for 25 years. They are made from cast aluminum. I have seen references to health hazards p...

Cast Iron vs. Cast Aluminum

by Jujubee 18 years ago

I am in the market for one of those two-burner reversible grill pan/griddles. They come in both cast iron and cast aluminum. I know cast iron would be great for cooking steaks on these frightfull...

stovetop aluminum espresso maker help!

by Redbone 18 years ago

My beloved espresso maker suddenly reduced its output to 2 tablespoons of syrupy stuff(actually tasty when mixed with lots of milk!). I think the problem is the gasket, which crumbled when I tugge...

Cleaning of Aluminum pot

by Marion 18 years ago

I fried a few Turkeys, Louisiana Style, this Christmas. One of them turned out to be bigger than the other and a small portion of the oil spilled over the side of the stockpot I used for frying. Lu...

Cooking with aluminum

by saucyknave 18 years ago

Where do we now stand on the issue of cooking in aluminum. Some years ago we abandoned it out of fear that it might cause Altzheimers, but I've heard that questioned since then. What is the curre...

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