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Mekong Buffet | South San Jose

Melanie Wong
by Melanie Wong 5 years ago

At today's chowdown, we heard about the Bay Area's only AYCE Vietnamese buffet, Mekong Buffet. Opinions? Mekong Buffet 1051 Blossom Hill Rd San Jose, CA 95123 (408) 723-9888


by Disneyfreak 5 years ago

I haven't had rodizio in a few years (oh the horror!) and suddenly I'm in the mood for it. Where would you recommend I go? I live in Northern NJ so Newark is an easy destination. I might end up go...

All you can eat sushi

by t quaranto 5 years ago

any advice on boston places to enjoy tons of sushi without going bankrupt?

Stunned by my own action! - A posting of an AYCE Japanese

Charles Yu
by Charles Yu 6 years ago

If my memory serves me right, the last time I ate at a Japanese AYCE restaurant, hair was still growing out of the top of my head! Ha! A few weeks ago, I found myself tagging along with my in-la...

New-ish AYCE Sushi restaurants

by eatsfromtheeast 6 years ago

There have been some new-ish All you can eat sushi restaurants in Montreal recently that opened in place of former All you can east sushi restaurants. Zushi Sushi (replaced Tokyo Sushi) 1805 Sai...

All-you-can-eat salad buffet bar + soups/bread

by shade_tails 13 years ago

My family just moved to Columbia, MD and we miss a restaurant called Sweet Tomatoes terribly. Sweet Tomatoes offers an extensive all-you-can-eat salad buffet with several fresh-made soups, breads, ...

Calgary - Bookers Crab all you can eat?

by kelly12 6 years ago

I've got a choice to make - Bookers or the Vintage Chop house.... Normally it'd be steak all day, every day but I've got a hankering for king crab lately and I hear that Bookers has got an all you...

Spoonful - AYCE Brampton

by as_toronto 6 years ago

Has anyone been to Spoonful in Brampton? It is AYCE. I want to go as I heard that they have a really good seafood selection but also read somewhere that they limit the number of scallops and oyster...

Do all-you-can-eat salad bars still exist?

by Phil E. Stein 14 years ago

Looking for a great all you can eat salad bar in Toronto, do any still exist? Any suggestions would be appreciated!

Any recent experiences at Picnic Garden in Edison - Korean BBQ all you can eat?

by Quine 10 years ago

Still mourning the loss of Eugene's of Browns Mills and wanting to take Mom to some Korean BBQ (she hasn't been to any since Eugenes) I am hoping for some updated experiences. Yelp has quite a few...

Nijiya in Medford

by sheila 7 years ago

Has anyone been to Nijiya in Medford? They got mixed reviews in Yelp so want to see what are the take of the readers here.

AYCE Crablegs Boynton Beach

by nearlywild 6 years ago

Are there any restaurants in the Boynton Beach area that serve all you can eat crab legs. Even a decent Chinese buffet with them would be helpful. Thanks.

vegetarian all you can eat

by John 17 years ago

Does anybody know of a Vegetarian all-you-can-eat in Toronto? Prices? Quality? Thanks! John

All you can eat sushi places in DFW?

by gfmgem 7 years ago

Does anybody know of any decent AYCE sushi places in the metroplex, in particular near Southlake or Carrolton?

North Dallas All-you-can-eat Lobster...WHERE??

by dickybilly 14 years ago

At one time there were several restaurants offering ALL YOU CAN EAT LOBSTER, for example, Trulucks, Pappedeux, Todai....Serving styles were either waiter service replenishing lobsters as needed or ...

Hibachi Grill Buffet Replaces World Buffet in West Covina With All You Can Eat Pork Chops

by Chandavkl 6 years ago

World Buffet in Hong Kong Plaza, which might have been the last Chinese buffet in Los Angeles that didn’t have a Japanese name, has been replaced by Hibachi Grill Buffet. Typical Chinese buffet far...

Sushi all you can eat?

by r_walid 14 years ago

Hi I'm interested in knowing of a good sushi all you can eat or buffet restaurant in Chicago. any good suggestions?

$100 for All You Can Eat During 7 Weeks at Olive Garden

by Fowler 7 years ago

I saw on CNBC this morning that Olive Garden will be offering $100 cards for all you can eat pasta, bread, salad and soda pop during a 7 week period. Is this something you would participate in? ...

Sushi X/Golden Valley/All You Can Eat Sushi

by MarkG 7 years ago

Have you checked it out yet??