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When and where to go for pinenuts in New Mexico?

by alfredck 3 years ago

After years of thinking about it, my wife and I are planning to visit New Mexico in the fall. I would like to visit during pine nut season. When and where can they be purchased? Retail stores, f...

Amore Neapolitan Pizzeria, ABQ: real Neapolitan pizza has finally arrived in NM!

by finlero 3 years ago

So apparently 2013 was a banner year for authentic Italian food in ABQ, I just didn't find out until 2+ years later. That was the year Frost Gelato landed at ABQ Uptown, filling the gelato void to ...

Karibu Cafe - Good, homey East African and Caribbean food in Albuquerque

by ninrn 3 years ago

Karibu Cafe, on Eubank just north of Candelaria, is a really nice little restaurant serving simple, homey East African food, with a few Caribbean dishes thrown in for good measure. We went ther...

Le Troquet Opens in Albuquerque

by Clarky 4 years ago

Chef Jean-Pierre Gozard opened his new bistro Le Troquet in the Gold Avenue Corridor this week in downtown Albuquerque. Has anyone been yet and if so, how does the menu differ from his other resta...

A L T I T U D E cooking, baking, candy etc.

by bdladdy 4 years ago

Howdy, about ten years ago I moved to Albuquerque NM and live at 5,300 feet. Baked goods and candy seem to be a problem. Last night I over-baked a tart au citron in my new oven. The temp was accu...

Where's a good place to buy fish in Albuquerque?

by ninrn 5 years ago

I've been getting it at Whole Foods, Costco, Pro's Ranch Market or Smith's, but wondered if there's anywhere better. I'd like to stick with wild-caught and sustainably harvested if possible. ...

Taste of the Himalayas in Albuquerque

by sandiasingh 4 years ago

We celebrated Diwali last night at Taste of the Himalayas on North Fourth Street in Los Ranchos (Albuquerque) and it was excellent; in fact, some of the best Northern Indian food we have had since ...

Penzeys is Open in ABQ

by sandiasingh 4 years ago

Penzeys has opened their new store in Albuquerque at Montgomery/Louisiana across the parking lot from Vitamin Cottage. Woohoo--just in time for holiday baking!

Sunday night in Albuquerque

by jane21 4 years ago

Will be in Albuquerque on Sunday night with a plane out early AM. Any suggestions for a good (but not fancy) dinner?

Albuquerque - M'Tucci's Italian Deli

by ninrn 5 years ago

M'Tucci's Italian Deli is an offshoot of the dopily named M'Tucci's Kitchina, a nice, friendly, Italian-influenced restaurant that opened some time last year in the Albertson's/Keller's/Hasting's s...

Is Shohko opening a ramen place in Albuquerque?

by ninrn 4 years ago

I read earlier this year that the owners of Shohko Cafe in Santa Fe were going to open a ramen house called Naruto at 2110 Central SE, across from UNM, where Mint Tulip Vegan Cafe used to be. What ...

Frost Gelato opened in ABQ (ahem, in 2013) and it's excellent

by finlero 4 years ago

Frost has been a required stop every time we pass through Tucson, serving up some of the best gelato I've had in the States. We happened to be at Uptown Plaza in ABQ yesterday and I noticed the fam...

Santa Fe and Albuquerque

by Tupac 4 years ago

Spending a week in Santa Fe soon but driving up from Albuquerque airport. Any great casual places on the road between them for lunch? Also, have planned on a combo of upscale and casual dining ...

Good restaurant steak in Albuquerque?

by ninrn 4 years ago

Every time Father's Day or some such day rolls around, we end up on a search for a really good steak for my Dad. We've tried the Rancher's Club, and while the steaks are fine, it seems kind of ...

Cafe Vingt Cinq Moving to ABQ

by finlero 6 years ago

Bad news for Santa Fe, great news for ABQ (and Clafoutis): Cafe Vingt Cinq (aka Cafe 25), the outstanding French bakery cafe, is moving to Albuquerque, on Central right near UNM. Their last day in...

ABQ: Farm & Table Sean Sinclair gone

by RobConnoley 4 years ago

I've been an online friend of Sean's for a while but missed that he left Farm & Table recently. Apparently he's at the Inn at Little Washington as Sous Chef now. Nice move for him. Who's taken ove...

Heimet House German food in ABQ

by RobConnoley 4 years ago

Because this place has been ripped on the review pages I wanted to share my positive experience of the place. I was raised in the Okenfuss family with Uncle Maxmillian and cousin Heidi and linea...

Albuquerque, NM - Chef Rob Connoley Pop-Up (review)

by ninrn 4 years ago

I went to an extremely interesting and enjoyable pop-up dinner in January, and have wanted to post here about it since then; I've just had trouble knowing how to write about it. When I said th...

Albuquerque - Penzey's is coming!

by ninrn 4 years ago

A Penzey's Spices store is coming to Albuquerque. It will be at the Montgomery Crossing shopping center (SE corner of Montgomery & Wyoming). Not sure of the opening date, but they're already hiring...