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dessert in the east cambridge/kendall square area?

by a. rao 21 years ago

ok, so here's another question on the topic of desserts. i'm trying to find a nice place to go with a fairly large group of people for dessert in the east cambridge/kendall square area. i had or...

Hristos Deli, Astoria

by Jennifer Stott 22 years ago

I went there for the first time this weekend. They have sublime fetas, delicious olives, and loads of other wonderful treats. Does anyone else go to Hristos? Any other recommendations for good ...

Bridget's Brownies

by Chris Field 21 years ago

A friend of mine orders these great brownies from a place in Pennsylvania (I think) and I can't locate the number. I've checked the 800 listings and the internet to no avail. Anyone familiar w...

Lunch in Lima

by Charlie W. 21 years ago

Or breakfast or dinner. Has anyone heard of a restaurant in Lima (Peru not Ohio) which is run by nuns. Actually, I would welcome any suggestions for places to get a good (unpretentious, authen...

Blue Water Grill

by debbie 21 years ago

Had a fantastic meal at Blue Water Grill last night. Had the striped bass special for an entree and steamed dumplings as a starter. Others at the table had Chilean sea bass entree and crabcake...

Seville, Spain

by Martha Gehan 21 years ago

My sister is preparing to pack up and go live in Seville for 9-10 months whilst studying Spanish language and culture at the University. Any recommendations re: markets, regional specialties a...

My post is not appearing

by Gini 21 years ago

What am I doing wrong? I write my response, hit post - it doesn't appear. Hit refresh - nada. Any suggestions??

I Left My Heart in Ton Kiang....

by Lisa Antinore 21 years ago

Two words for you all: Ton Kiang. Simple, Honest, Easy. 582 Geary Blvd., San Fran. Paul, my long-suffering-prefers-fat-free-but-indulges-to-please -me boyfriend wants to positively wring my n...

Martini Search

by Melisande 21 years ago

Next week, I want a GOOD martini. I have suggestions so far of: Temple and Clementine. Any comments on the above two or does anyone have even better altenatives? Way downtown is where we'll be...

Vegetarian in Iceland

by Darryl Whetter 21 years ago

Did see posting about fish suggestions in Iceland but I myself am a vegetarian. Having read the Lonely Planet`s description (link below) of putrified shark meat and pickled ram`s testicles, I`m ...

Cornel's Garden

by Alan Divack 21 years ago

We finally made it to Cornel's Garden after months of intending to go. I know it has been written about before, but the food was truly FABULOUS, and deserves a must visit from everyone, not that...

Union Square Cafe

by debbie 21 years ago

Went to Union Square Cafe last night for the first time and my husband and I were both VERY DISAPPOINTED in the food.

Ciao Bella / Sarabeth's synergy

by chimera 21 years ago

Has anyone tried any of the new ice cream flavors jointly created by Ciao Bella and Sarabeth's? Flavors like pistachio with brownie chunks and peanut butter with preserves swirled in and something...

Love Indian/Paki food~any good Bklyn places?

by Nina Crespi 21 years ago

Yes,I know where the ones in Manhattan are, but sometimes you get tired of schleping an hour by train after a workweek. I love hot,spicy Indian/Paki food. It doesn't have to be gourmet~but if you ...

Istrian Social Club

by Gobek 21 years ago

Has anyone been to eat at the Istrian Social Club on Astoria Blvd? It was recently mentioned in an article in the NY Times

Ices-local news for Prospect Hts/North Slopers

by Jen Kalb 21 years ago

In this hot weather, two neighborhood spots, one brand new, for natural fruit ices and similar fruit treats at 6th Ave and Flatbush (the Bergen St. 2&3 station). 1. The newcomer, J&J's Cool dess...

6th ave and 57 street

by amy 21 years ago

there seems to be alot of new action on this corner,where wolfs use to be and luckys bar and grill was any body have any ideas

Peekskill tip: Santa Lucia

by Josh Mittleman 21 years ago

I was shopping at Egg Farm Dairy this weekend, watching a couple on their way upstate for a month buy ten pounds of assorted cheese, and chatting with the owner, Jonathan David. Someone asked him ...

Tokyo King, Croton -- not good

by Josh Mittleman 21 years ago

Tokyo King, a Japanese restaurant in the Grand Union shopping plaza on Maple Ave. in Croton, opened a few months ago. I've tried it twice, and I can't recommend it. The fish is pretty good, thou...

Manhattan Clam Chowder in Manhattan

by Thomas Siegman 21 years ago

Where can I find really good Manhattan Clam Chowder in Manhattan. On trips out to Bayshore and Fire Island I have found a tasty and flavorful chowder at various locales. At Grand Central's Oyste...

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