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WSJ: When the Box Says 'Protein,' Shoppers Say 'I'll Take It'


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WSJ: When the Box Says 'Protein,' Shoppers Say 'I'll Take It'

ipsedixit | Mar 26, 2013 08:18 PM

Is protein the new fad ingredient?

From the WSJ:

Protein is the buzzword that is helping sell many kinds of foods. Food companies are placing more prominent protein labels on packaging and adding protein to such products as drinks, bars and cereals.


A label that says protein has what researchers call a "health halo effect" that goes beyond just the promise of protein. When people see the word, they also believe the product will make them feel more full or give them energy.

Read it here:

(And if you don't have a subscription, backdoor it and search the title of the article on Google News.)

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