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Workarounds To Darken the White Background


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Workarounds To Darken the White Background

Jim Leff | Sep 26, 2008 09:17 AM

Some people find the white backgrounds hard on the eye. Hopefully, the design guys will think of a way to ease that a bit. Meanwhile, I wanted to share some quick-and-dirty tricks for darkening bright web page backgrounds (useful not just here, but on any site with white background):

1. do a "select all" keystroke to highlight all the text on page. Whatever color your system uses to highlight text will now shade most of the white (on a mac, the highlighting color is user-configurable in preferences)

2. In safari, do a "command F" to bring up an (unobtrusive) find window. Run a quick find....and the page will remain subtly darkened. Subsequently, merely typing a command-g will re-darken other pages.

3. The best (and geekiest) alternative uses bookmarklet magic to turn white backgrounds tan. It may not work in your browser. Copy the script below and make it a bookmark (preferably right on your bookmarks bar for convenient clicking).

1. This is a WORKAROUND...something to bring some some relief until a better solution is found. Users helping users, not an official "solution".
2. Chuckles' stylesheet solution works a lot better than mine. I'm using it and loving it...and it doesn't affect other sites. See it below at

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