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Wok Tip...Extra BTUs


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Wok Tip...Extra BTUs

Aaron | Apr 12, 2006 08:31 PM

I forget who started the recent discussion, but they were complaining about not having the BTUs to properly "wok" at home. I just saw the neatest tip from Ming Tsai in a little "commercial" segment on PBS. He said, when cooking at home on a "weak" stove that doesn't have the required BTUs for wok cooking, to preheat the wok in the oven at the highest temperature (500-550). Upon taking it out, stick it on a high heat burner and cook away.
I thought that was a pretty neat idea, but obviously only works if you have an all metal wok...let's avoid melting and fires please.
Haven't tried it yet, but sounds like it would work great.

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