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Wok stove /jet engine

doctorandchef | Oct 8, 2010 08:43 AM

I've gone through several threads re: getting the elusive wok hei in home cooking.

Found this factory in China which made these cast iron units with high pressure jets, very tempted to buy it.

See the video for some "jet porn".

I've seen the indiajoze and outdoorstirfry models, they don't seem as powerful as the ones Manniu makes.

They have many different models. Cost is only $28USD each.

Unfortunately shipping costs $130 (airmail only)

Any opinions or experiences with this kind of stove? How do you think it will compare with the indiajoze models?

I plan on setting a stir fry station outdoors, I don't think this is safe for a Boston townhouse indoors!

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