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wok seasoning - brush?


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wok seasoning - brush?

amy3 | Jul 17, 2002 03:40 PM

I have an old wok that I want to clean up for use. I've scrubbed out all the rust and need to season it. I read about a million different methods for seasoning and found some that sound good. But I need to get a heat-proof brush for the oil. I realize that some people can just swirl the oil around a bit, but I'm simply not coordinated enough for that and will probably start a grease fire if I try it again.

So I am wondering where I might find a brush that would work well for oiling the wok. Apparently barbeque brushes are good for this? I assume they mean the brush used for oiling the grill itself and not just a big pastry brush or whatever. Is it too late in the season to find these? If so, is there anything else that would work?

Also, I mistakenly bought soybean oil instead of peanut oil for seasoning. Is this okay to use or should I ditch it and get some peanut oil? What is soybean oil good for?

Any other wok seasoning advice would also be appreciated. I'm just going to use this one until I can afford to buy a new (bigger) one. So if I mess it up a bit, it's not the end of the world. But if I can avoid making a big mess, that would be very nice.

Thanks in advance!

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