What wines did US presidents serve pre-Clinton?


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What wines did US presidents serve pre-Clinton?

AnneInMpls | Mar 18, 2009 03:17 PM

OK, here's a wacko and obscure question:

What wines were served in the White House (for state dinners, etc.) between 1970 and 1992 - that is, under the presidents Bush the elder (George Herbert Walker), Reagan, Carter (have some info here), Ford, and/or Nixon? Info on LBJ would be cool, too, but that's really a long time ago...

My next wine tasting will have the theme "White House Wines." I'd like to have 6 wines from a variety of administrations (not necessarily the same vintage, though). We'll definitely have the Duckhorn Sauvignon Blanc from Obama's inauguration luncheon (the idea started as me needing an excuse to buy this wine). And we'll have the Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc, because it's been served for a whole bunch of presidents (Reagan, Carter, Ford, and Nixon, according to Schramsberg's web site).

I've found troves of online info for George W Bush's dinners, a bunch for Clinton, and even some for Carter (hooray for the online menus at the Jimmy Carter library). And, of course, much has been written about the wines (and food) at Obama's first few official meals. (Though I can't find info on the wines served at the March 4 casual-big dinner...)

But I can't find *anything* about the days of George H.W. and Barbara Bush (any search I do turns up his son instead), or Reagan (before the growth of the internet), or Ford (even earlier). And all I know about LBJ is his decision to serve only American wines, forcing Nixon to smuggle in his beloved French wine for state dinners (so Nixonian! :-)

Anyway, are there any wine-obsessed historians (or history-obsessed winos) who can help me with leads to online info? If so, many many thanks!


P.S. By the by, here are the links to my best info sources so far:


George W Bush: http://georgewbush-whitehouse.archive...


Carter: (PDF)

General info from (of course) Chowhound:

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