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Wine spill - what would you do??


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Wine spill - what would you do??

bkath | Oct 18, 2007 06:35 PM

So, we were out to dinner with Mom, in a city not our own. Nice little Italian place, menu looked great, one of those little family places, owner Apulian. Things were going swimmingly, were enjoying some lovely Barbera d'Asti pre. The server brought our appetizers & since one of the dishes was just out of the wood-burner, offered to serve. She did so successfully till she got to me, then, que disastro - knocked over my glass of Barbera, all over me. Not usually one to make a fuss, I didn't. Server was very apologetic. I took off my (favorite, rose-colored silk) sweater, she blotted with club soda, we blotted. She comped my glass of wine, and 3 glasses of limoncello at the end of dinner. We enjoyed the rest of our dinner, paid fully, & tipped 20%, left.

Favorite sweater is ruined. No amount of post-prandial maneuvers were successful, dry cleaner does not think they will be, either.

I'm asking you, fellow diners, other servers, what would you have done, or would you do now? Replace sweater & send bill to restaurant? Would you have asked to speak to the manager before leaving? Made a huge fuss? Comped all/part of my meal? In many years of dining out, this has never happened to me before.

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