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Why wine is more interesting than food.


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Why wine is more interesting than food.

Jeff Morgan | Nov 22, 2002 08:31 PM

I've spent an interesting week reading through the threads of many Chowhounds. I find it astonishing how focused and knowledgeable so many are about food, yet (with notable exceptions, of course), so many seem to be coming late to wine. Indeed, many seem to have missed the boat altogether.

It's too bad, because from a purely organoleptic perspective, wine is so much more interesting than food. It's simpler yet more complex. It's cleaner (but it stains worse). It's always changing, in the glass and by the vintage. It inspires far longer sessions "a table" with friends. It's also more fun to make; there's a certain racy edge to winemaking--an inability to totally control the outcome, and an acceptance of higher powers at work.

Finally, only wine can transform a crust of bread and a morsel of cheese into a glorious culinary experience. Without wine, eating is just.....well, eating.

Jeff Morgan


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