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Weighing foods/Portion Control

foodieX2 | Aug 1, 2006 04:06 PM

I think this belongs here but feel free to move....

I have gotten serious about diet and exercise however being a 'hound I refuse to buy into any diet that eliminates whole food groups. Instead I am eating what I love just smaller portions of them. However I have a question about weights and measures. Can any of you help me out or point me to a web site with guidelines. I am tracking what I eat and want to make sure I am accounting for what I eat correctly.

For example:

1) Should meat/fish be weighed before or after cooking? I noticed that a 6 oz pc of fish ends up at 5.5 oz after cooking.

2) Is 1 cup and 8 oz's truly equal? I get a lot more blueberries when I measure out 8 oz's on a scale than I do putting them in a cup. Same with bigger grain cereals, cooked pasta etc. If a serving size is 1 cup am I "cheating" by eating 8 oz?

3) Are there truly any "free" foods, foods you can munch with no guilt?

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