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Wedding RSVP's choosing (or changing) your meal option? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]


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Wedding RSVP's choosing (or changing) your meal option? [moved from General Chowhounding Topics]

SweetPea914 | Sep 20, 2007 12:47 PM

I am generally a very conscientious person when it comes to etiquette, but these are 2 questions that I can not really find answers on. I am going to an out of town wedding this weekend I was wondering everyone's opnions on these 2 questions.

1. How do you feel about choosing your meal options a month in advance and not knowing at all how they are prepared when doing so?

2. Is it in bad taste to change your mind the day of the event and ask the waiter/waitress if they could change what you chose?

Now, I know, the point of the event is not the food, it is the marriage of a two people and you are there to share in that, but then again, my family is Russian, it's always about the food! And the alcohol :-)

For my own 2 cents
I made sure when I got married that my guests could choose their meal at the wedding, and I happen to find those meal cards enclosd in the R.S.V.P tacky. (I'm sure I night be in the minority on this one)

Secondly, in regard to changing your mind, I ask because I honestly don't remember what I selected for the wedding reception and we also had to choose what we wanted for the rehearsal dinner the night before. Knowing myself I chose the seafood option for both events, and Mr. Sweetpea chose the fillet mignon/red meat, but honestly couldn't be certain since it was so long ago. My feeling is it can't hurt to ask to change your order, especially if you see the item you selected, was not what you had anticipated, or looks fatty/over cooked/swimming on oil etc.If they can't change it, no biggie, but is it rude to ask?

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