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Washington Square...AKA "The Wash"


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Washington Square...AKA "The Wash"

Newgirlintown | Apr 30, 2005 12:14 PM

All over the newspapers..."New Chef New Menu"
So I decided to respond to this desperate pandering for customers and Check it out last night.

Still awesome place to hang out in the evening, service was relatively good, very young staff and thus a bit too eager to please that it borders on insincerity...however..good.

New post Samuelson menu is described as "American Bistro" which of course is meaningless and what ends up happening is a menu with food from all over the world BUT since we are serving it in America.....It is American bistro.
Ok whatever...blah blah....was it good ??

Started with
"Crispy Mozzarella and Risotto, two sauces" 12 bucks
Basically deep fried cheese and Risotto balls, weak flavor but a good Idea, I have actually had delicious risotto beignets at BPerrier.

"BIGEYE Tuna Sashimi, ginger,blood orange,ponzu" 12 bucks
Flavors were muddled, Tuna itself had not a trace of salt and the sauce was curiously odd. Since Ponzu is soy and lemon, why add blood oranges ?
Too much going on for a raw dish. Good presentation though.
Dish would be great if they skipped the blood orange and added a few crystals of Maldon salt and some kind of oil to carry the flavor...may i suggest "lemon mosto oil" from Dibrunos.

"Morrocco 4 ways" in menage a quatre.......13 bucks
A plate of fairly unspectacular baba ghanoush,hummus,falafel, cucumber salad".......just boring.
Reminds me of that ridiculous Lamb Meritage with the serial numbers.

"Veal sweetbreads"..hierloom potatoes, bacon, caper brown butter.
The sweetbread pieces were ridiculously small to be cooked properly, just mush. Chintzy foie gras dishes are one thing but chintzy sweetbread dishes are ridiculous, sweetbreads cost nothing.

"lobster Risotto" 24 bucks

Actually not a bad value, half of a maine lobster that was between 1.5 and 1.25 lbs on top of a generous mound of good enough risotto"

Overall seems the menu went very conservative in that is sprinkled with slightly tweaked cliched dishes from the continental.
That in itself would be fine but it relies more on prose and glorified menu language redundancies than actual flavor.
There are also more than a few things that are not quite in season and as one would suspect, just not very tasty.

The tomato salad with Buratta would be great except the tomatos are fairly anemic and not even peeled, Corn pudding tastes like frozen corn.

All in all its like going to the continental with slightly older people, slightly more expensive food and you will probably order slightly more pizza on your way home.

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