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A warning, a mango sherbet, and a question


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A warning, a mango sherbet, and a question

nooodles | Aug 10, 2005 09:48 PM

WARNING: don't use the recipe linked below to make mango pudding. It's terrible. It says it'll make something akin to mango pudding at dim sum, but it doesn't. Mango pudding tastes decidedly artificial (if delicious). The color of mango pudding should also be an unnaturally bright, pretty orange. This recipe makes a pudding that's a dull orange, soft, gummy, and has grassy fresh mango flavor. Even if you like the first few bites, you'll probably quickly tire of it. Plus, after a night in the fridge the entire top layer goes from dark orange to a really gross brown, even if you put it in an airtight container.

MANGO SHERBET: So, today I skimmed the brown stuff off the top, tossed the pudding into my blender with the meat of two more mangos, chilled, and then churned it in my ice cream maker. There was enough for two batches.

The result was a very light, very fluffy sherbet (sherbet is the one with dairy, sorbet is the one without). Surprisingly, adding a lot of air to the mix also improved the color. After I filled my tupperware and picked it up, I was really surprised just how much air had been whipped in, after only 30 minutes. It's not creamy, even though there's dairy in it. It definitely has the slight crunch of a sherbet, but the crystals are pretty tiny. Not bad, and definitely worth a shot if you're sick of artificial mango taste in sherbets.

QUESTION: What's the name of this flower? The English-limited but awfully friendly florist kept telling me they were "stalks," and I'm too flower-unsaavy to have challenged him.

Link: http://chinesefood.about.com/od/desse...

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