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Wagner cast iron the fun begins

BakaWoodworker | Sep 14, 201310:26 PM

I never seem to get my existing projects done, always something new getting thrown on my plate. Well I just got another project suddenly. With new Frigidaire induction stove and new set of Calphalon AcCucore SS, I decided to see if I could have a cast iron pan or two from my mother; she has several in the garage never being used.

All the pans were old Wagners. After leaving her two 8" fry pans, the ones that came home with me were with numbers on handle #3, #5, and #6, then 2 with numbers on bottom of #7a and #11. Additional numbers were on the bottom, but not sure if they are serial numbers or what they meant. The #5 had the wagner logo in the middle, rest were at the top with "Sydney -0-". Supposedly one skillet came across America in a covered wagon.

Overall, all in great shape. Only the 2 larger ones had spots of rust that I need to work on, with the 11 being worst (4-5 spots, each size of pencil eraser or smaller).

One discussion (debate) having with my mother (who insists that her grandmother did it this way, so must be the correct way) is to wash with soap after every use. From what I have read, looks like a personal preference in maintaining cast iron (even Lodge's how-to video mentions using soap if preferred), but most seem to lean towards just wiping and building up seasoning for nonstick. With old cast iron like this that is very smooth inside, is it still preferable to not use soap? Not washing and using soap will be hard habit for me to break as I like "clean" cookware.

For those with cast iron and SS, which ones do you reach for most and for what foods? Using gas, electric, or induction (I know this in itself is a completely different discussion, but just curious non-the-less). And while I am finding great tips reading through old postings, any additional tips/tricks with cast iron would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks everyone.

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