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I've got the vending-machine bluuuuuesss....


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I've got the vending-machine bluuuuuesss....

Mar a | Aug 24, 2004 09:45 PM

I've caught the mid-afternoon vending-machine virus. I was immune until now, but now I'm stuck in the office the whole afternoon and when the job is mindlessly boring the first thing I want to do is eat!
I bring lunch from home but I get through it very quickly. The obvious solution is to bring more stuff, but I want to also have good Chowhoundish substitutes for the vending machine.
I'm a victim of Chee-tos and Oreos and, occassionally, those ruffled potato chips.
What can I bring from home that can make me forget the Chee-tos, the Oreos and the chips?

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