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Vegetarians also forgo seafood?

b0ardkn0t | Jan 3, 200812:34 AM

I just wanted to ask this as I am constantly confused. I know that for most Roman Catholics, red meat is out of the question during Lent on Friday's(the forty days before Easter Sunday).
They do however eat fish and seafood, as they do not consider it meat or at least red meat even though they will still not eat chicken or pork, which is technically also white meat.
Also one year I was preparing Tofu salads at the Tofu Festival, and had fish flakes on hand, along with the miso, sesame, etc dressings, some customers wanted the flakes, but one got upset since they assumed there would be absolutely no animal product around(they were not allergic trust me, they just wanted a 100% vegan option). I could understand this, but then again I ask, I know vegans do not eat any animal byproduct let alone animal product, but what about vegetarians? and what about fish, or even fish flakes. Where does that fall. So far in my experience it's been an individual decision for the most part. Anyone care to weigh in?

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