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Vegas Bonito Michoacan Review

biondanonima | Feb 4, 200803:17 PM

Monday, February 4, 2008. We needed a fairly quick lunch today, because BF is working at a conference and couldn't be away from his booth for too long. We both love mexican food and don't eat much of it in NYC because there aren't very many good mexican options there. We got lots of recommendations for various mexican spots in Vegas and decided on Bonito Michoacan because it was closest to our hotel.

We sat down and looked at the menu, which was extremely long. Their lunch specials looked good, but I have been dying for melted cheese ever since I was denied fondue at the Paris, so I opted for queso fundido. I also ordered guacamole, since I love it and I think it's a good measuring stick for mexican places. BF decided on the sopes lunch special, one beef and one chorizo.

The waiter brought bowls of refried beans and salsa with the chips. The beans were quite good - very nice texture and more flavor than most refritos. The salsa was also excellent - a non-chunky red with an assertive chile flavor (not mouth-burningly spicy, though) and plenty of garlic. It had a richer tomato than many tomato based salsas, making me wonder if they use oven-dried or roasted tomatoes to make it. Delicious. Then they brought over the guacamole cart. The waiter placed 3 avocado halves in a dish and asked how I like my guac (everything except tomatoes). He added cilantro, onion, jalapeno, lime juice, salt and pepper. In general, I like garlic (and lots of it) in my guac, but even without garlic this was FANTASTIC guac. They obviously have a really good source for fresh avocados, because they were absolutely perfect - creamy and sweet. BF doesn't like avocado so I devoured the entire bowl myself, mostly with a spoon (and on top of the queso - more on that in a moment). Oops. I wasn't expecting such a large serving - for $7.95, in NYC you would be lucky to get half that amount.

The queso and sopes came together and again, I was surprised by the huge portions - the queso came in a fajita-sized skillet, which is a LOT of cheese. I ordered it with chorizo, which was kind of overkill - the whole thing was REALLY greasy. Still good though, and the warm flour tortillas that came with it were excellent. I believe the menu said that they use monterey jack cheese, but there was definitely something about the cheese itself that was different from what I'm accustomed to getting in NYC. BF's sopes were good - the beef filling was juicy, tender, spectacular. The sope itself left something to be desired - the texture was a little chalky or something, but the beef more than made up for it. I also liked the chorizo filling, though BF found it too rich. Of course, he ate most of the queso fundido, so maybe he had grease overload from that! His platter came with rice and beans and was just as huge as everything else. The total bill, with 20% tip, was $32 - can't beat that! It really hit the spot and satisfied our cravings for mexican. Not a must, but if you need a place for a cheap and hearty lunch, this is a good one!

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